Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shin Mazinger Zero Volume 2

AWW HELL YES, our man Dynamic comes through! It's time for more Shin Mazinger Zero! A full volume!  In this volume, we learn a bit more about everything Koji's been through and the absolute hell awaiting the world! And what's more...this marks the end of those old translations and scans! We've officially covered everything previously done, with an extra new, never before in English chapter!

Oh, and with Tabata and Yuugo's art...look, just have a look at the background text and you'll see why this took so fucking long.
Also, let me reiterate our bad need for editors. We do NOT mind teaching people who need it, so please consider helping us if you want to see more classic manga!

Here's volume 2!


  1. Thank you very much for the new release! What kind of computer and software does an editor editor need to be able to work efficientely?

  2. Does it have to be Photoshop or can it be GIMP? If it has to be Photoshop, any particular version that you'd recommend?

    1. GIMP can work, but I find it a pain. Different strokes, of course. Photoshop...really, any version of 4 or above works fine

  3. THANKS; and one thousand times thanks! :D

  4. Now, if only Robot Keiji would come back, too...

  5. Thanks for another volume of mouthwatering art!

  6. When you guys say you need editors, what specifically do you mean? I'd like to think I know my way around Photoshop decently enough, but hey, if you're willing to teach, I figure I might be able to help atleast a little bit.

  7. New manga by Go Nagai called DevilmanSaga (MazinSaga followup maybe?)

    Currently, he's working on Grendizer Giga and Gekiman! Mazinger chapter.