Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Azumi Chapter 65

As the title suggests...Well, on!

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  1. Can some1 explain the significance of Azumi "saying ore" on pg 24?

    Thx 4 chapter!

    1. Hello there, here's the simple explanation. Azumi grew up with 9 little boys and her Grampa. She speaks in a manly way, very direct, aside from when addressing people of a higher social status (most of the times, at least). Many chapters ago, if you remember, Grampa tried to teach her some feminine good manners, by trying to change her way of saying "ore" (a very manly way to say "I") to "watashi" (a more normal/neutral one) or even "watakushi" (a more polite one). All this stuff doesn't translate into english, so when people in the story are surprised that such a babe uses "ore" instead of "watashi" or something more polite like a woman should be expected to, well, I leave it like that. That's why Kohyota is surprised. Hope to have cleared your doubts. And yes, there're many way in japanese to say I/you/he/she/it/you/we/they ranging from formal/informal/polite/impolite/rude/offensive and so on.
      In japanese by looking/hearing with which "I", "you" and so on one person refers to another, it's almost immediately clear what kind of relationship there's between them.

    2. Arigato gozaimasu, Guren-sama! +kowtows+ I appreciate your translation choice (and explanation) b/c I'd forgotten Azumi is a tomboy..

  2. Thanks for another great chapter - it's intrigueing to see how she's coping with the lost of her grandpa and what she's planning on doing from now on.