Sunday, August 17, 2014

Susanoo part 3 of V3 and Azumi chapter 62

Is Susanoo, our boxing match concludes and Susa learns a bit more of who the true enemy is...just who or what is 'Nosferatu?'

I've also fixed a previous post. We had uploaded Susa part 2 before, so here's part 3 (I just mislabeled it on the post, sorry!) Chapter 62 of Azumi, we have Munenori vs. Obaba Gessai...who will win?

We're working on more Ryu, Arion and others now!


  1. Thanks for the new Susanoo chapter.

  2. Thanks for for the new susanoo ho and are you guys translating goranger the manga

    1. I really hope them to finish Robot Keiji before bothering with any other Ishinomori's hero, honestly. On the other hand, Ryu and Sabu are almost finished, so there's still chances.

  3. Are you guys good on Azumi scans?