Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy chapter 165, Kekko Kamen chapter 19, Sabu and Ichi 73 and Susanoo v3 part 4

And let's thank Stargood for an amazing chapter of Happy...with...?! Who could this be...?

And a new Susanoo!

As well as the always hilarious Kekko Kamen....

And the new Sabu and Ichi!


  1. I'm sad that Ryu and Sabu & Ichi are so close to end.

  2. Thanks for another chapter of Kekko Kamen and Susano-Oh. I guess it's obvious, but Chapter 19 of Kekko Kamen completes Volume 2, is that correct?

    - RC

    1. It's indeed, but to be more accurate-- not of volume 2 but rather its 2nd 'bunkoban'. Simply put, what was originally released/printed as a 5 volume series had been reprinted/reproduced into a 3 part novel-sized volume format (within Japanese standards).

  3. I don't know if you've fixed this yet but Cat's Eye volume 6 has out of order pages in the 160's.