Monday, August 25, 2014

Cat's Eye volume 6 (v2), chapter 54 and Way of Ryu chapters 26 and 27a

A nice little slot of releases here for y'all.

It was brought to our attention Cat's Eye volume 6 had some out of order issues, so we've fixed that first off.

And in a new Cat's Eye Chapter, the girls enjoy a nice getaway...

And lastly, here's a ncie, big chapter of Ryu! What's Ryu going off to do now...and will he return?


  1. Thanks for Ryu. This is getting really good.

  2. Thanks for Ryu. There are 3 missing pages (126, 127, 128)

    Is it possible to recover these 3 pages? Thanks !!

  3. Cat's Eye makes me happy <3 thanks!