Saturday, August 23, 2014

Azumi chapter 6 with Guren, Cat's Eye 53 and Kama Sutra chapter 4 of V2

After the result of Munenori's duel with Gessai, Gessai has to hope Azumi finds him in time. This time on Azumi, the chapter's title tells you all you need to know:

In Kama Sutra , we meet Princess Surya at last. So she's the one everybody's talking about...

And now it's time for more whacky Cat's Eye hijinks with cop millionaires, ladykillers and heartbreakers in another Broken Heart!

Thanks for reading and please rmemeber, we're looking for editing and other help now!


  1. Koyama sensei is killing me with these nostalgic flashbacks of the +sniffle+ the kids and Jiji san! +bursts into tears+

  2. Thank you for the new releases.