Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kama Sutra v2 chapter 5 and Cat's Eye chapter 55

In this chapter of Kama Sutra...well, prepare to discover how fucking crazy Prince is. Here's the new one!

And a new Cat's Eye as well!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chinggis Khan Volume 2

It's another amazing volume of Yokoyama's Chinggis/Genghis Khan with our man Hox, who has outdone himself anew! We witness Temuchin's rise now...he faces his first wide scale battle and the politics of the steppe turn deadly. This is the beginning of a legend...

Here's Volume 2. And remember, we're on the lookout for cleaners and typesetters now!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Azumi chapter 64 with Guren No Heya Kara

It's our pleasure to present a new chapter!

Please enjoy, everyone! Now alone, Azumi must decide on her next course of action...and as usual, she runs right into the middle of something.....tense.

Enjoy! And rmemeber, we're looking for editors now!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Azumi chapter 6 with Guren, Cat's Eye 53 and Kama Sutra chapter 4 of V2

After the result of Munenori's duel with Gessai, Gessai has to hope Azumi finds him in time. This time on Azumi, the chapter's title tells you all you need to know:

In Kama Sutra , we meet Princess Surya at last. So she's the one everybody's talking about...

And now it's time for more whacky Cat's Eye hijinks with cop millionaires, ladykillers and heartbreakers in another Broken Heart!

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Tree In the SUnlight Chapter 26 and Azumi Chapter 61

Things are looking bad for our beloved grampa...can Azumi make it in time to hear what she must

Here's Azumi chapter 61

And here's a new Tree In the Sunlight!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Kamasutra V2 part 2 and Susanoo v3 part 2

And we bring you guys some new stuff to start the weekend right!

Here's a new Susanoo

And a new Kama Sutra!

Enjoy all! And remember, we really need new editors to help, no experience needed!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Azumi Chapter 60 and Clockers chapter 17 with volume 3

Whoo! It's a new Azumi as we kick off volume 8!

OH, geez, those red flags...I've always said Gessai is the best character about now, and these chapters are cinching it. Koyama Yuu is a master at complexity in both characters and situations...Azumi's getting roped into a very dangerous scheme now..

And it's a new Clockers as we finish off volume 3!
Enjoy that complete volume!
I really never get tired of Ninomiya's art, I must say. And her characters. She has a way of making even the most mundane of situations seeming...compelling in a good way.

And remember, in need of new editors! All you need is Photoshop (Which we can help with) and a willingness to help!

Babel 2 vol. 02 ch. 08

Time for some Babel 2 and Babel begins his counterattack, not to be confused with Char's counterattack because its pretty hard to top that man's legendary counterattack. So yeah if Yomi wants to win he'll need to call up the red comet himself but who has that mans number?

Still here's  chapter 8 and hopefully the next chapter isn't to far off.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Way of Ryu chapter 25 Part B, Kama Sutra v2 chapter 1 and Susanoo v3 part 1

Some Ishinomori and Nagai for y'all today!

In The way of Ryu, the blast from the past continues. Nothing helps against a homicidal samurai as much as being transported to an era with guns and bombers

In Kama Sutra, the adventure continues as we seek the holly fucking grail. Literally. I wish I could claim credit for that joke, but that's a1oner's!

And finally, it's the start of a new volume of Susanoo! Susa is learning more of the dark powers within...and now people begin to fear him

Thanks to Fabio Sakomoto, volume 2 of the Tree In the sunlight has been unloaded to that folder.

Now, final things...for starters, still have the open call to have help with editing. There are a few series I really do need the aid with and anyone who could join up for that would result in my gratitude and teaching.

Also, our translation for Tree in the sunlight has made me aware of a group that is taking votes for some series they work on, including some abandoned and excellent seinen

Acony is up for a vote there, which is likely abandoned, and future series will be Munou no Hito, Glaucos, Halcyon Lunch...stuff that deserves it! Any fans of quality series, I encourage you to check this out and maybe cast a vote.