Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quintuple release extravaganza, everyone: Way of Ryu chapter 24B, Azumi chapter 55, 87 Clockers 15, Shut Hell 38 and Bestia 22

Let us begin, shall we? To make up for the inaction over the past week, we recognize the hard work of everyone who has put in their time and effort to these projects, from translators AAA, Music Otaku, Other Side of Sky and Guren.

And the editors Kazuhiko, Neitan, SofaKingAC, Nethandle and a1oner, of course.

So, remember we're still recruiting. New hands on these titles would help them move along! As for other things, Robot Keiji...unfortunately, I haven't seen the translator about, so be patient there. In the meantime, any new editors or translators would be a huge help.

Now...First the new Way of Ryu...and we are officially 3/4s done with this series

In Azumi, attack of the naked old people continues

A new 87 Clockers

And lastly, the new Bestia

And Shut Hell


  1. Thanks for Ryu!

  2. Sad to hear about Robot Keiji... I hope it comes back soon!

    Thanks for the releases, especially Ryu.

  3. Thank you for Shut Hell!

  4. Thank you for Bestia :D

  5. So this means that the Robot Keiji translator is not responding or you haven't contacted him recently? I really want to read the rest of the series since it has been really great so far.