Monday, July 21, 2014

Bestia chapter 24 *END*, Azumi chapter 56, Tree in the sunlight 24, Way of Ryu start of v7, Cat's eye chapters 1-2 of Volume 7

Alright, here's a nice little ton:

It's a new Tree In the Sunlight entitled 'Betrothal'....thank Sofa King for this one

Cat's Eye Volume 7 begins, with two chapters for you guys! Our favorite sisters are back and of course, Toshio's not far behind...

Way Of Ryu's Penultimate volume begins and Ryu has his work cut out for him...riding with his companions to battle, what do they see...?

In Azumi we have our heroine rushing to rescue Obata Gessai, but the crafty Yagyu Munenori has a way to flush out the final members of Gessai's Azumi going to fall for his scheme?

And another Ikegami series reaches its end in Chapter 24 of Bestia...unfortunately, not much an end. This'd do go Nagai proud. It seems Ikegami may've wanted to continue the story, but was never able to. Still, fun ride while it lasted, eh? Thanks to Other Side for his amazing TL of it. He put in a ton of work for it, I can tell you all. Here's the full and final volume

Which leads me to there someone who might be able to help with creating volume links for Ryu and Azumi? Would do me a big favor here.


  1. Ikegami-sensei, I adore your swordwork! Make me your student! *kowtows profusely*

  2. Way of Ryu Volume 6 has some missing pages (40, 41, 58, 59, 98, 99), could you guys do something for this? I saw Volume 5 had 10 missing pages and you used another edition.

    Thank You very much !

  3. Was Bestia cancelled? The ending seemed way too ambiguous.

  4. Thanks for Ryu! What do you mean by creating volume links? Maybe I can help.

    1. In other words, volume downloads are currently unavailable for Azumi volume 2 onwards, as well as Ryu volume 6 and so on. Actually, The Tree in the Sunlight also doesn't have any volume downloads past volume 1...

      So we'd greatly appreciate it if you could help make those links by compiling and compressing, say, chapters 10-19 (just an example) of Azumi, then uploading it as a volume (2) to make it easier for would-be readers to grab/dl instead of having to download chapters 10-19 as a single separate file at a time, or read them online and wait for the pages to load as you click/press the left/right arrow key.

    2. This way?

      I'm not sure if there's any missing pages.

    3. That is exactly it, thank you! Would you be able to do the same for Azumi and Tree in the sunlight?

      For the missing pages...I should be able to get those scanned from another edition

    4. Tree in the Sunlight has a volume batch for volume 3 already; 2 & 4 are the missing volumes...

  5. Oh, maybe it's a good time to start reading Ryu!

  6. I just noticed I left off the extension of Cat's Eye pg 26-27, just add .png to the file name and it'll work just fine. This'll be fixed in the volume batch.