Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kekko Kamen 18

And here's another as we near the end of volume 2...

And right now, we definitely need someone to help with editing! Remember I am very willing to teach whoever is willing to learn! It's easy stuff!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Azumi chapter 57, 58 and 59, Ryu chapter 25A, Kekko Kamen chapter 17 and Hidamari chapter 25

Another storm of releases!

Here's a new Ryu

And the complete Volume 6, with the missing pages added! Thanks to Revil for scanning from his version...sorry about the roughness of it, but best we could do.

Beginning with chapter 57....
   Here's a new Set of Azumis! It's time for Azumi to rescue Gessai, or face the possibility of life on the run without him... You can find the glossaries for these two here 

If anyone can help us create a volume 7 link, much appreciated as well. Fabio has kindly helped us with that Ryu volume, and this Tree In the Sunlight volume
And here's a new Tree as well! Thanks to SofaKing!

And finally...thanks to Music and a1oner? Here's a new Kekko Kamen at last!
Long overdue, but here you go!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dog Soldier Volume 1, with Hokuto No Gun and Illuminati-Manga

Have we got a freaking treat for you...From Tetsuya Saruwatari, our three groups have teamed up to present you with Dog Soldier, the tale of John Kyosuke Hiba! A former Green Beret down on his luck, John can never quite avoid being dragged back into the dark and violent world of covert operations where is pitted against terrorists, paramilitary groups, treacherous former friends and more. It's pure Saruwatari, which means pure testosterone fueled badass awesomeness. In this case, it definitely has a flavor of 80s action films to it, and anyone who sees John Rambo from Hiba's image? Can't blame you.

So, tune in, and see John Hiba, the dog soldier fight terrorists, rescue hostages and curse out Ronald Reagan!

As a note: For Ryu, the translator is going to try to scan in the pages missing from the raw. We'll include those with a full volume release. A HUGE thanks to Mr. Fabio Sakomoto for helping us with that, and we humbly request the same aid with Azumi and Tree in the Sunlight

But for now...enjoy some Green Beret Action!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bestia chapter 24 *END*, Azumi chapter 56, Tree in the sunlight 24, Way of Ryu start of v7, Cat's eye chapters 1-2 of Volume 7

Alright, here's a nice little ton:

It's a new Tree In the Sunlight entitled 'Betrothal'....thank Sofa King for this one

Cat's Eye Volume 7 begins, with two chapters for you guys! Our favorite sisters are back and of course, Toshio's not far behind...

Way Of Ryu's Penultimate volume begins and Ryu has his work cut out for him...riding with his companions to battle, what do they see...?

In Azumi we have our heroine rushing to rescue Obata Gessai, but the crafty Yagyu Munenori has a way to flush out the final members of Gessai's Azumi going to fall for his scheme?

And another Ikegami series reaches its end in Chapter 24 of Bestia...unfortunately, not much an end. This'd do go Nagai proud. It seems Ikegami may've wanted to continue the story, but was never able to. Still, fun ride while it lasted, eh? Thanks to Other Side for his amazing TL of it. He put in a ton of work for it, I can tell you all. Here's the full and final volume

Which leads me to there someone who might be able to help with creating volume links for Ryu and Azumi? Would do me a big favor here.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Chinggis Khan volume 1

And here we go

Mitsuteru Yokoyama brings us, once again, a historical masterwork, this time based around the life and times of the great Khan. Known more to the English-speaking world as 'Genghis,' Unfortunately, few in the English speaking world are very familiar with the Khan or his life, which is really an incredible tale in of itself.

Born to a chieftain and his wife who had been kidnapped from her first husband, Temuchin was hardly someone you'd expect to rise to the levels he did and eventually forge the beginnings of the largest land-empire in world history (albeit a very short lived one).

After his father's death, Temuchin and his family lived in extreme poverty, abandoned and left for dead. This is where the unbelievable fortitude of his mother Hoelun comes in, with her utter refusal to lay down and die while her family depended on her.

In many ways, it's a shame we know so little of the Mongols and the true character of the Khan. It took Temuchin years to unite the steppes before the rode out to conquer the rest of the world. What little glimpses we do have reveal some startlingly progressive things to contrast the brutality of the massacres on the resistances (though it must also be noted that many sources come from people the Mongols conquered, which may cast aspersions on them. Or maybe not. Food for thought.)

Under the Khan, we know torture was banned, universal religious freedom was allowed and Temuchin famously valued his daughters as leaders in addition to his sons. The empire had a meritocracy where the former lower class craftsmen were honored, the introduction of universal currency, roads, promotion of universal literacy, the idea of 'rule by consensus' rather than divine right...all this contrasts with the shocking brutality the Mongols were capable of with entire regions depopulated and women and boys taken as slaves.

At its heart, though, this is a human story: one of how Temuchin rises from nothing to become one of the greatest war leaders the world had ever seen. For more reading, I second Hox's recommendation of Ratchnevsky's "Genghis Khan: His Life and Legacy" and Onon's translation of "The Secret History of the Mongols.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bestia chapter 23, Clockers chapter 16 and Arion Volume 2!

And it's time for another release set!

First, we start off with a new 87 Clockers as we near the end of V3!

Then we deliver a new we prepare to end the whole series. Now we've learned Tsukinosuke's past, mission and true nature...'s the second volume in the quest of ARION! Been looking forward to this for some time, all! Arion encounters new enemies, fights great battles...and even a giant monster or two. Another amazing work by Yasuhiko for your reading pleasure!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quintuple release extravaganza, everyone: Way of Ryu chapter 24B, Azumi chapter 55, 87 Clockers 15, Shut Hell 38 and Bestia 22

Let us begin, shall we? To make up for the inaction over the past week, we recognize the hard work of everyone who has put in their time and effort to these projects, from translators AAA, Music Otaku, Other Side of Sky and Guren.

And the editors Kazuhiko, Neitan, SofaKingAC, Nethandle and a1oner, of course.

So, remember we're still recruiting. New hands on these titles would help them move along! As for other things, Robot Keiji...unfortunately, I haven't seen the translator about, so be patient there. In the meantime, any new editors or translators would be a huge help.

Now...First the new Way of Ryu...and we are officially 3/4s done with this series

In Azumi, attack of the naked old people continues

A new 87 Clockers

And lastly, the new Bestia

And Shut Hell

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

happy Chapter 164

Thanks to Stargood for this amazing chapter of Happy! It truly is a magnificent one, folks.

And remember, we really could use new editors now, more important than ever!