Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shutendoji Volume 3, Tree in the Sunlight chapter 22 and Bestia chapter 20

A nice plethora of releases to round out the week!

First, it's back at last! Shutendoji! Reeling from tragedy, Jiro must learn more about the dark forces after him, and choose a side... Here it is!

In the new Bestia...we learn about the past of the Saishi. And virgin sacrifices, gotta love 'em

In this tree In the Sunlight...we end volume 4!


  1. Thank you very much for the whole volume 3 of Shutendoji.

  2. Thank you again for Bestia ^^

  3. Great!! I was waiting for more Shutendouji!! Thanks!!

  4. Thank you for another whole volume of Shutendoji. Used to read it in the weekly as well (30+ years ago) without understanding a single word of Japanese, but was fascinated by the 80s art-style of Go Nagai (I don't really like his late 90s/2000s art).

    I know the story from the subtitled anime (which follows the basics of the manga) and it's a whole different perspective knowing what's going on in the story. Glad you are using the same 9 volume Kodansha edition that I bought more than a decade ago as the raw for the scanlation.