Thursday, May 1, 2014

Arion Volume 1

Now...the heroes of the hour are Mr .CHillock for an amazing translation, SofaKingAC for his always fantastic proofreading and Neitan for the INCREDIBLE scanlation work. I mean, seriously, you'll know what I mean.

And here we have the first volume of the epic story Arion, by the incomparable Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. Now, far from his histories....this's a fantasy story. One about Greek Mythology!

Arion is a boy who lives with his mother in a remote corner of the world...then a mysterious man shows up...going by the name of Hades. Arion learns about the Gods...and when his mother is taken from him, he is forced to learn from Hades, about his destiny in overthrowing the tyranny of the Gods.

Here is Arion Volume 1!

And reminder, we need help with editing! I'm looking for editors and cleaners!


  1. Hi guys

    i'm from HorrorFC in VietNam, we translate horror manga into Vietnamese. I just seen Dokuro no Yakata manga of you guys and i realy love it. i realy hope you guys can give us permission to use Dokuro no Yakata scan and leave us translate it to Vietnamese, I promise I always keep credit of happy scans in our trans.
    I realy hope I had agreed of you guys. Please reply me as soon as possible.
    P/s : im sorry if this message hard to read or understand. My English not good enough sorry again =="

    my email : .
    or reply in this still good.

    Thanks for read ^^

  2. You have my permission, enjoy!

  3. where is cat's eye??

  4. "Always fantastic proofreading"? That's some pretty high praise. Thank you! As for this series, I'm looking forward to more. How many volumes are there?

    1. 5 total. The second one's TL should begin soon.