Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Eurasia 1274 by Ken Ishikawa Volume complete

Let me thank Wakabayashy for the editing help, and to Music for translating it. It's a fun little Ishikawa action manga to kick off May!

The year is 1274, and the Mongols are invading Japan! It's Kublai Khan, aiming to conquer the world. But Japan has a secret weapon in a crack team of killers, known as The Carrion Eaters. Led by the vicious Ranomaru, who wants to take Kublai's head. Not all is well in Kublai's camp, though...a Korean leader might well be dissatisfied with what Kublai plans. This conflict will take them to the ends of the earth.

Here;s Eurasia! Enjoy!
Looking for some help with editing as well, recall!


  1. Thank you!

    Love em Nagais and Ishikawas...

  2. On an unrelated note.

    According to mangaupdates Ishikawa died in 2006, and Samurai Meiji was published in 2010? How?

    1. A lot of these older manga are republished. Or in some cases, never published originally. Some of the dates on MU are definitely republishes.

  3. it was nice, thanks.

  4. There has to be more of this! it can't just end there with them getting into a giant robot, without robot fight!!! aaaaagh!

  5. Awesome! Thanks so much for this - super excited to read some Ishikawa beyond the amazing Getter!