Friday, April 11, 2014

Azumi 37, Robot Keiji 15, 87 Clockers 8 and Cat's Eye 36

a HUGE thanks to our new cleaner for this Azumi...this is probably the best volume thus far...and it's building up to the introduction of a truly vicious and psychotic opponent for Azumi.

Robot Keiji: The threat from the sea continues and K has his leads...

87 Clockers and Cat's Eye! These go with a HUGE thanks to our man, Net!

And a big favor to Shut Hell, can anyone help us identify the fonts so it can continue now? For consistency sake!


  1. Thanks a lot for the releases. So, what happened to chapter 33-35 of Cat's Eye?

  2. umm guys cahpter 33 to 35??

  3. Well shit, looks like Wright released the wrong one. When he gets on I'll talk to him about it, I guess we'll just release 33-35 too now?

  4. Hooray! More K!