Monday, April 21, 2014

87 Clockers, chapter 9 and Azumi 41 with GUREN

Overclocking is a war and they are SOLDIERS!

Big thanks to Music and Net. I am loving this manga now.

In Azumi...'Gramps' meets with Ieyasu...and we are introduced to the narcissistic and skilled Bijomaru...the perfect opponent for Azumi with his obsession with death and perhaps peerless sword talent.


  1. Thank you for the chapters!! Man, I love all your manga. I don't know who chooses the titles, but this person has a great taste! :)

  2. Are you sure there isn't any typo in this blog post title?

  3. Yeah there is, download link has the right name, I also fixed the mangaupdates release to reflect the correct chapter number.

    Glad you're enjoying our stuff lolman! We pretty much just work on whatever looks interesting with a skew towards classics that don't get enough love in the scan scene and modern seinen series that we like. I just found out that 87 Clockers was a request from the translator, Music Otaku, and I'm so glad it was cause I am absolutely loving it and would have never found out about it otherwise.