Sunday, April 27, 2014

3, Street of Mysteries Chapter 11 and END, Azumi Chapters 42 and 43 and Robot Keiji Chapter 16

A HUGE thanks to Kaze for this one...It's the end of Street of Mysteries! Mizuki's little collection of the weird and fantastic was quite the gem, and we're happy we could bring it to you. Thanks a ton for Hahah getting this going and finished.

The final story

Complete V2

And here's some more Robot Keiji!

The mysteries continue! We're hurtling to the conclusion...with more aerial battles and Jesus symbolism!

And in Azumi...

It's Bijomaru vs. Hyuuga. Who will win?

Find out in chapters 42 and 43

As a sidenote...I REALLY need help with editors now, both cleaners and typesetters alike. If anyone can drop a line, I'd appreciate it TONS.


  1. Thanks for Robot Keiji!

  2. Another completed series. Congrats!

  3. Thanks for Azumi. Now excuse me while I curl into the fetal position and sob very, very softly

  4. Thanks for K and Mizuki