Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tomorrow's Joe Volume 16 and recruitment drive;

We continue our roll! Only four volumes left...hell, we're 3/4s done with this bad boy!

Reposting this message too:

For us right now...we're in dire, dire need of editors. I can't do all the typesetting myself, and depending how things go, Manga At The End of Time hasn't gotten back to me, so we may need aid there. But we have other series and new series we badly need editing help on, especially typesetting. I'll gladly train anyone who wants to help


  1. I wouldn't mind helping typeset/be an editor for Shut Hell! I'd hate to see it sink back into another few years of nothing.

  2. I just checked your projects page, and I read Vinland Saga, too! Thank you ever so much for your work so far @u@ <3