Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy 162, complete volume 15 and Azumi 29 plus recruitment!

Hey, Guren's back! and so, we bring you a new Azumi! enjoy it!

And at long last, Happy is BACK.

At long last, here's the complete volume 15

And Chapter 162 
Oh, Choko...we missed you..

And remember, we're really seeking editor help, especially now! and if anyone can translate Italian, we really need that aid right now!


  1. thanks for azumi new chapter :D

  2. "Itadakimasu", I said before devouring the Azumi chapter

  3. Guys, I'm Italian, so if I can help...
    By the way, I still can't see the new Ryu episode on the online readers like Mangafox. Did something go wrong? :(

  4. Just as Happy! was about to exit my body you give me this. Thanks a lot y'all!

  5. Geh... more Chouko :/

    Thanks for the chapters :p