Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cat's Eye 25, Way of Ryu chapter 22 and Dark Myth END

Alright, a nice little bonanza...

Kaze apologizes for the delay, but he's done it!

It's the legend of Jofoku! A side story that deals with Jofoku, sent from the mad Qin Emperor's search for the elixir of immortality, and what he finds...foreign sorcerers don't always deal well with the natives, do they?
The Legend of Jofoku

Here's the complete volume for all of Dark Myth

Let me conclude by saying this manga was freaking fantastic. Hox might have beaten us to scanning the first Daijiro in English, but I'm totally proud we did this one, and I have nothing but thanks and gratitude for Kaze and Music's work on this. This was a HARD manga to do for both of them and they did brilliantly with no complaint. It's a brilliant story, and I hope we can do other Daijiro in the future. ENJOY!

In the start of Ryu volume 6...the world has changed and continues to change. Mutants and humans are slowly easing together, but...well, it can't stay peaceful forever...can it?

The Way of Ryu Volume 6 part 1!

And finally, Cat's Eye 25! Is Toshio beginning to suspect...?

Still looking for editors, with training offered there! Could especially use help on Shut Hell now!


  1. Thanks for Cat's Eye. Amazing Speed Lately. :)

  2. Thank you very much for all the hard work to complete The Dark Myth, I'm looking forward to read!!

  3. Thanks for The Dark Myth!

  4. Many thanks for Ryu! We're finally getting near the end! I just love this manga

  5. Something is wrong with the numbering of the pages for Cat's Eye i've downloaded from here. One chapter goes up to page 23 and the next one starts with page 29 and ends with page 51. Next chapter 25 starts with page 49.

  6. Thanks for Ryu! Can we expect the next Robot Keiji chapter any time soon?

  7. Thanks for Ryu!!