Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cat's Eye 18, Bestia chapter 12 and recruitment drive

Hello, all!

Here we are! In Cat's Eye, Ai goes a bit crazy on her heist, and Toshio finds himself trying to save Cat's Eye! What a change of pace.

And in bestia...Gen Tsukinosuke continues pronouncing the death penalty, and we learn more on the origins of his father's race, the Saishi. And more crazy sex antics, but we all expected that.

Other news...okay, right now, we just had some potential issues with peoples' lives,

Oh, and Guren's internet is down, so patience until he's back. Azumi will continue after that. However, Radon looks to be vanished, so if anyone can translate Italian to help out with Cat's Eye until we hear more, it'd be appreciated.

For us right now...we're in dire, dire need of editors. I can't do all the typesetting myself, and depending how things go, Manga At The End of Time hasn't gotten back to me, so we may need aid there. But we have other series and new series we badly need editing help on, especially typesetting.

And let me add...we are acquiring raws for Genshi Shonen Ryu, so we are going to do that one. Food for thought there!

So please, please, please. Free training will be offered!

Enjoy Cat's Eye
And Bestia!


  1. Genshi Shonen Ryu? Cool, but be sure to finish Way of Ryu before that. Those two are related, right?

  2. You should really consider updating the group's 'MEMBERS' page. Should help people see how small we are in numbers (as far as active members are concerned). If not (after all, we're not web-masters), perhaps you should make a post regarding it-- listing our ranks and the respective titles/task/s that we do. Should definitely show how 'backlogged' we are individually.

  3. Are you guys still doing Sukeban Deka?

    1. Yes. I think this ties into what I said about being a mite short handed and asking for help

  4. I can help if you want to train me. Thanks