Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BEstia Chapter 16 , and Susanoo v2 parts 1 and 2

Let's get this show going

Now...what will Susa and the others do after the end of the last volume? the battle continues...andit's sure to end with a bang!

Susanoo, parts 1 and 2 of Volume 2

And's  almosttime for the end of this volume of Bestia. We're almost done with this puppy..

A new warrior enters the mix, but what's his motive?

Here's Chapter 16 of Bestia

And we're on the lookout for editors, particularly for some good seinen like maybe help on Shut Hell!

EDIT: Sorry about that! Jumped the gun and posted v3 too early, still a bit left!


  1. Thanks for Susanoo

    Any updates on Robot Keiji?

  2. Susanoo reminds me a bit too much of Inazuman.

  3. Thank you for Bestia! Ikegami is the best :D

  4. Any chance of getting Susanoou V2, chapters 1 and 2 back up?