Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Way Of Ryu Chapter 21

And here's a nice huge chapter of Ryu for you! We get a serious insight as to what occurred in the past, and Ryu, at long last, discovers what his destiny is to be...

Here we go, a new huge sized Ryu for your wait!

and a big thanks to Chesnut for this chapter! And we're past the bad, quick fill scans as well!


  1. Well, let me be the first to thank you, Chestnut, for picking up the slack that is Ryu no Michi. Keep up the good work, though do limit the 'comixxx' font's usage to a bare minimum. It was a bit tough on the (my) eyes, tbh ;p Forgive me for forgetting to mention this, but I merely use comixxx for 'wiggly' bubbles-- suggesting the speaker's 'uneasiness'.

  2. Thank you! Love some Ishinomori.

  3. Well, the choice of comixxx wasn't mine, if I had to choose I'd take something different, as the font is too wide for those bubbles IMO.

    1. Ultimately, it was your choice to heed Wright's suggestion(s). Had I known he was referring to comix when he hinted on liking/duplicating a certain font I used, I definitely would've had more to say in that matter.

      At any rate, if you want to try out other fonts, please-- be my guest. Ryu's all yours now (typesetting-wise) so you're pretty much in charge of selecting whichever fonts to use-- not me, and most certainly not Wright.

      Don't worry about Wright-- you can absolutely discuss/talk/sort things out with him w/o losing your head afterwards. In fact, you should be more wary of me... as in very! Mwahahahaahhaha! *looking forward to the next one*

  4. Thanks, I was looking forward for more Ryu and K.