Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dark Myth Chapter 2: The Chapter of the Asura

Once again, Music and Kaze? Champions. in this chapter, we move towards 'the universal truth' in the path to enlightenment.the Yayoi period and the settling of Japan...and most importantly, the Brahman and the nature of Atman

Here's chapter 2


  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    Can you tell me how many chapters there are? I am waiting to read everything in one sitting, since mangaupdates says it's only one volume

    1. Actually the volume breaks down as 6 chapters of Dark Myth and a separate story called "The Legend of Jofuku" which may or may not be related to Dark Myth.

  2. Awesome!! Thanks!!
    I hope you can translate more Morohoshi Daijirou works