Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cat's Eye Chapter 16

Way too tired to say much, but here it is!


  1. Happy Scans, someone just started translating Shotaro Ishinomori's Gilgamesh:


    This is the blog of the translator: http://ciaranhillock.blogspot.com.br/

    I think this is too good of a manga to be released with no editing whatsoever. I think it would be interesting for you guys to try to contact him and suggest a partnership.

  2. Do you happen to have Schizophrenia by Manga at the End of Time? The links on their Tumblr are dead, and I can't find it on any online readers. The MangaUpdates account hasn't been checked in over a month, and I don't know how to contact anyone in the group. Could you help? Thanks.