Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cat's Eye 15, Azumi 25 and Tree in the SUnlight 14

I was gonna release these separately but what the hell. Here's a nice amount of releases for you guys. The long awaited return of Cat's Eye you can thank Chestnut for. We seriously appreciate this one. The Kisugi sisters are back on their capers!

Tree in the Sunlight has credit to Neitan, and Azumi...well, Kazu's back in action on it!

Anyone interested in maybe helping translate or editing would be very appreciated now!

Cat's Eye 15

Tree in the sunlight 14

And Azumi!


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    1. Also, I rarely even notice sweatdrops in manga anymore, but the last issue (#24) was hysterical b/c characters who were cutting throats or getting their throats cut or even decapitated, airborne heads all had sweatdrops. The idea that people in the most extreme moment of life or death urgency could still be self conscious made me laugh b/c it's so Japanese..

  2. Thanks!

    So, can we expect Kamen Rider Black 5 any time soon? I heard it was already translated.

    1. I commented on this before, but Kazu is working on it.

  3. To c or not to c... Chestnut's work (on Cat's Eye) that is... ;p

    Maybe later, but either way, thank you, C-nut, (a whole lot) for taking the series out of my hands!