Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Azumi chapter 24 and Sabu and Ichi 57

Here's the new Azumi

And the new Sabu and Ichi! Great to have this one back now.


  1. Aishiteru, Azumi-senpai!

  2. Thanks for the great work on Azumi!

  3. Thanks for more "Azumi" and "Sabu and Ichi"!!
    This is the final volume of "sabu and Ichi", right?

    1. Impossible, I have the french edition and there's still lots of stories taking place after this one.

    2. I suppose it will depend on which version that they're using

      4 Volumes (Complete, by Shogakukan in 1968)
      6 Volumes (Reprint, by Akita Shoten in 1973)
      13 Volumes (Bunkoban, by Shogakukan in 1976)
      17 Volumes (Reprint, by Asahi Sonorama in 1980)
      10 Volumes (Bunkoban, by Shogakukan in 1996)
      4 Volumes (Reprint, by Media Factory in 2000)
      6 Volumes (Reprint, by Shogakukan in 2009)

  4. The edition is Shogakukan Bunko. It's 13 volumes long. It's not the most complete, though. It was published on 1976, so it omits the earlier stories from the Shonen Sunday run as well as some of the later stories. Ishinomori brought the series back several times for special occasions. There's even some prequel stories taking place before the main series.

    The Shotaro Ishinomori Complete Works edtion has 17 volumes around the same lenght as the Shogakukan Bunko ones.