Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vagabond Chapter 322

Give a big hand to Kaze, who made this his first editing job! In this chapter, the Vagabond Farmland saga ends and it's time for what should be the final part of this manga. Musashi is ready to end it. Kojiro awaits!

We still need some help though, especially from typesetters! It's an easy thing, so I can teach anyone willing to learn! Thank you for the consideration and please

Please Vagabond 322!


  1. Inoue-sensei has done some epic work in REAL, but IMO this farmland arc is the pinnacle of his career, so far..

  2. Thank you for your work!

    (sadly I don't got the time needed atm to help out. sorry)

  3. thank you for all the hard work. Looking forward to future chapters, whenever they arrive!

  4. I'd love to help out if I can, although I don't have any specific experience as a typesetter, but I'm good with Photoshop.
    Contact me at
    if you're still looking for help!

  5. when do you think the next chapter of vagabond will come out?

    thanks for all the work!!!

  6. Any word about Vagabond?
    The 5 months hiatus Inoue took, ended like 2 months ago, and still no word. Cant find any info at all about it.