Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Street Of Mysteries Volume 2, chapter 1 and Donation Drive

Well...mad props to AH for getting this volume for us and the great GGpX for scanning it. A big thanks to Futz for doing this translation, and Kaze and Sofa King AC for their help in getting it out. An especially big thanks to Kaze for doing the editing work on this!

Here's the start of Volume 2 and the first story!

We now stand at 110 dollars. A HUGE thanks to Drax for a very generous donation, as well as Felipe Onodera and Spirit of Hokuto! We have some stuff coming that just needs Kazu to work on it, so I hope you find it in your hearts to help out!

Thanks all again!


  1. Did Volume 1 ever get a full volume release?

    1. It did, in this post (the "Street of Mysteries Complete" link):