Monday, January 6, 2014

Sabu chapter 56 and volume 9

Chapter 56

Volume 9 

Here's hoping we have more from our missing man in action soon.

Remember, were in urgent need of editors, cleaning and typesetting both! We'll try to get more Shut Hell, Keiji and others out to you as soon as End Of Time gets back to us-hopefully soon- and soon as more Keiji is translate for Kazu! Azumi as well!


  1. many thanks for all your work! Oh, and i'm geting interested my brother in Shotaro's works thanks to you!

  2. Thanks! Can't wait for more K

  3. Thanks, Happy Scans! I'm really enjoying Ishinomori's Way of Ryu and Robot Keiji, so maybe I should try this one as well. The setting doesn't have the same appeal for me, but it might be good.