Friday, January 31, 2014

Dark Myth/Ankoku Shinwa, by Morohoshi Daijiro chapter 1

Firstly? Kaze and Music are  fucking champions for this. Secondly? This is our first Morohoshi Daijirou manga! The guy Hox extolled the hell out of here. I'll let him say it best: Ankoku Shinwa, or Dark Myth is what you get when Morohoshi weaves myths of Buddhism and early Jomon and Yamato cultures to tell the tale of one boy's divine awakening.

Really, this is a brilliant manga. Full of info on history and mythology, with utterly inspired art and a story that unfolds layer by layer, with equal parts mysticism and unnerving dread. Hox said Daijrou takes after HP Lovecraft and that's pretty evident, though I'd say his stuff is less 'cosmic horror' on the same scale here.

Also, check out Hox's amazing work on Daijirou's interpretation of Grimm's Fairy Tales, too!

Our donation drive has ended successfully. The new laptop has been ordered and will be shipped to Kazuhiko. You all have our undying gratitude for this!

Enjoy the Dark Myth's first chapter


  1. Is this a joint, or just HappyScans!?

    1. HappyScans alone. Music was the translator

  2. So many good manga, so little time...

  3. You had me at "early Jōmon"
    - Rene Zellweger