Saturday, January 11, 2014

Black Museum Springald Complete

This is one Hox and I have had in the running for a while. It's by Kazuhiro Fujita, the man behind the great Ushio and Tora. This is a story of the Black Museum, where all sorts of tales of Victorian London are stored away, such as when Springheel Jack stalked the streets, committing all sorts of mischief. In the present, there have been murders linked to the infamous rogue, and the cops are on the case...but what does Jack himself have to say about it?

And next is the tale of the Mother Goose, where a pair of children must deal with a wicked and perverted photographer.

Overall, I was stunned how much I ended up enjoying this one. The art is sublime and Hox did a fantastic job with the script and catching the feel of the times.  It's just a shame there's not more of this, as it's another little gem we're proud to bring you.

Remember guys, on the lookout for editors now! Especially typesetters to give a hand with some things! All the best and please enjoy this one!

Black Museum COMPLETE


  1. Thanks, hopefully Karakuri Circus will get fully scanlated one day.

  2. Cheers to you guys and Hox. Looks enjoyable.

  3. Thanks very much for this! This was a really enjoyable volume of manga. Thanks for all your work :)