Sunday, January 19, 2014

Azumi chapter 19 and Donation drive

First of all, here's the new Azumi

Second of all, having a slight issue...Kazu's computer is gone and we're having some real problems. As a result, we are forced to ask for your help. HNG and HappyScans are setting a 400 dollar goal, with Kazu's promises things will pick up after he's back. If anyone can spare some money to help us out, it would be very appreciated. I will keep explicit track of the needed funds and help out whenever I can myself.

Thank you all for your help. We'll get some stuff ready for Kazu to work on. I can promise we'll absolutely see more Sabu and Ichi when he's back as well.


  1. It was splendid fight! :) Thanks for translation :)

  2. Ok, now I'm off to donate!