Friday, January 31, 2014

Dark Myth/Ankoku Shinwa, by Morohoshi Daijiro chapter 1

Firstly? Kaze and Music are  fucking champions for this. Secondly? This is our first Morohoshi Daijirou manga! The guy Hox extolled the hell out of here. I'll let him say it best: Ankoku Shinwa, or Dark Myth is what you get when Morohoshi weaves myths of Buddhism and early Jomon and Yamato cultures to tell the tale of one boy's divine awakening.

Really, this is a brilliant manga. Full of info on history and mythology, with utterly inspired art and a story that unfolds layer by layer, with equal parts mysticism and unnerving dread. Hox said Daijrou takes after HP Lovecraft and that's pretty evident, though I'd say his stuff is less 'cosmic horror' on the same scale here.

Also, check out Hox's amazing work on Daijirou's interpretation of Grimm's Fairy Tales, too!

Our donation drive has ended successfully. The new laptop has been ordered and will be shipped to Kazuhiko. You all have our undying gratitude for this!

Enjoy the Dark Myth's first chapter

3, Street of Mysterie Volume 2, chapter 3

Have another about some extraterrestrial insects! Oh, Mizuki what will you think of next?

We should have a brand next manga to you guys tomorrow!

EDIT: Silly me, this one's about a mutant cat! Teach me to upload these so late and get the chapter descriptions mixed up

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blazing Transfer Student 66 and Azumi chapter 22 and Donation Drive

Here's Some BTS

Yes apparently if you point in the wrong angle, people will have no idea what you’re talking about. That’s how communication works, right?

And in Azumi 22, Grampa is in a perilous situation with the three will this turn out!?

 And we're still on the lookout for typesetters here!

We have nearly hit our goal! Just 25 dollars more! Thanks to Felipe for his second donation!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Street of Mysteries Volume 2, chapter 2 and donation drive

here, have another of Shigeru Mizuki's imaginative stories!

And a huge thanks to everyone who has donated again! Anyone else who can spare more would be much appreciated! We're less than one hundred dollars to the goal and you guys have made it possible! At the finish line, and Kazu will be back!

And a thanks to Kaze for his amazing work in the meantime. Anyone else who can help with typesetting, we'd love to help you and remember, I don't mind teaching you!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Susanoo V1 part 8 and Donation Drive!

Here's a new part of Susanoo as things take a dark turn...

Our intense thanks to our generous donors. Recently to a Ms. Miller and a Mr. Mori, that were kind enough to bring us up to 275 dollars exactly now. We really thank you with all we have. We're not far away now, so anything anyone can spare is a monumental help!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Azumi chapter 21, and Donation Drive!

A trio of assassins is unleashed on the group, and begin the pursuit! Next chapter of Azum is here at last!

Give a big hand to Guren and Kaze for their hard, hard work on this series with Kazu's absence!

As for donations, we're still sitting on 200 dollars with 150 to go! Any help anyone could give is very appreciated! We can promise Kazu'll be hard at work on some of his series when he's back!

EDIT: Mediafire's given problems, so temporary alternate link up

EDIT EDIT: Mediafire link up!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Susanoo, volume 1 part 7 and Donation Drive

And the next part is finally here! School shenanigans and a girl hunt ahoy!

Here's the new Susanoo!

Remember, looking for new typesetters! The new Robot Keiji and Kamen Rider Black volumes just need Kazu to typeset them, too!

We have now hit exactly 200 thanks to a Mr. Adkins! Only 150 left to go, we are over halfway now! thanks to everyone who's donated thus far!

Takeda Shingen, Chapter 13

For our donation drive...

Goal: $350
Current: $150
Remaining: $200
Thanks to Eisinger, Meg, and Burnham Studios for their donations!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shut Hell Chapter 32 and Donation Drive

Manga At The End Of Time has gotten another chapter of Shut Hell ready! Please enjoy it and all that transpires. Here's Chapter 32

Thanks to the generous donations of  Mr. Eisinger, Meg, Burnham Studios, Drax, Spirit of Hokuto and Felipe Onodera, we have now hit 150 dollars of our goal! We have only 200 to go now! Thank you all so much so far! At the rate we're going, hopefully we'll have Kazu back soon!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Street Of Mysteries Volume 2, chapter 1 and Donation Drive

Well...mad props to AH for getting this volume for us and the great GGpX for scanning it. A big thanks to Futz for doing this translation, and Kaze and Sofa King AC for their help in getting it out. An especially big thanks to Kaze for doing the editing work on this!

Here's the start of Volume 2 and the first story!

We now stand at 110 dollars. A HUGE thanks to Drax for a very generous donation, as well as Felipe Onodera and Spirit of Hokuto! We have some stuff coming that just needs Kazu to work on it, so I hope you find it in your hearts to help out!

Thanks all again!

Azumi Chapter 20 and donation drive

We must first thank some of our generous donors here. Felipe Onodera and Spirit Of Hokuto have contributed to our cause, meaning we've raised 60 dollars, leaving only 290 dollars left. Please consider clicking the donation button at the top here. Anything you can spare is a momentous help to our cause!

That said, please enjoy Azumi Chapter 20

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Azumi chapter 19 and Donation drive

First of all, here's the new Azumi

Second of all, having a slight issue...Kazu's computer is gone and we're having some real problems. As a result, we are forced to ask for your help. HNG and HappyScans are setting a 400 dollar goal, with Kazu's promises things will pick up after he's back. If anyone can spare some money to help us out, it would be very appreciated. I will keep explicit track of the needed funds and help out whenever I can myself.

Thank you all for your help. We'll get some stuff ready for Kazu to work on. I can promise we'll absolutely see more Sabu and Ichi when he's back as well.

Susanoo Part 6

And now Susa has to ponder just why everyone wants him so bad after a visit to President Mitsuugi...

And remember, we're looking for help with typesetting now! We just need a few people there, and I'm gladly willing to teach anyone if need be!

Susanoo Part 6

Vagabond Chapter 322

Give a big hand to Kaze, who made this his first editing job! In this chapter, the Vagabond Farmland saga ends and it's time for what should be the final part of this manga. Musashi is ready to end it. Kojiro awaits!

We still need some help though, especially from typesetters! It's an easy thing, so I can teach anyone willing to learn! Thank you for the consideration and please

Please Vagabond 322!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Blazing Transfer Student Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Wow, lots happens in this chapter… Uhh… Student council president isn’t nearly as convincing as Bruce Wayne, Takizawa has to choose between saving his girlfriend and a bus full of children (or wait was that Tobey Macguire?), more sports-themed attacks, the mysterious stranger’s identity is revealed, and who is this mysterious long-hair-sunglasses man…?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Azumi volume 3, chapter 18

And so begins volume 3, as Amagi's condition takes a turn...

Sorry for the lateness here. With Kazu gone for hopefully not much longer, decided to get this done for Azumi fans. We could still use editors to make the process quicker though! Please enjoy Azumi for now, all.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Shut Hell Chapter 31

What's that? Color pages in our Shut Hell?! Well, here we are! We're waiting for End of time for more chapters, in addition to more 87 Clockers and a nice amount of one shots, but in this chapter, Shut Hell comes close to a certain someone...

Enjoy the new chapter!

and remember, we're seeking editors now! Some have signed on as cleaners and I'm extremely grateful, but we could definitely use the help typesetting as well!

Susanoo Volume 1 part 5

What a lovely way to start the week! Time to meet King Chaos and see what's going on!

Remember, we're in need of cleaners and typesetters to help out! Dire need!

Here's Susanoo!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Black Museum Springald Complete

This is one Hox and I have had in the running for a while. It's by Kazuhiro Fujita, the man behind the great Ushio and Tora. This is a story of the Black Museum, where all sorts of tales of Victorian London are stored away, such as when Springheel Jack stalked the streets, committing all sorts of mischief. In the present, there have been murders linked to the infamous rogue, and the cops are on the case...but what does Jack himself have to say about it?

And next is the tale of the Mother Goose, where a pair of children must deal with a wicked and perverted photographer.

Overall, I was stunned how much I ended up enjoying this one. The art is sublime and Hox did a fantastic job with the script and catching the feel of the times.  It's just a shame there's not more of this, as it's another little gem we're proud to bring you.

Remember guys, on the lookout for editors now! Especially typesetters to give a hand with some things! All the best and please enjoy this one!

Black Museum COMPLETE

Susanoo Volume 1, part 4

And here's another exciting part of Susa the King! And we begin entering what makes it exciting!

Kazu's still having issues, but we hope to have him back within a month at latest. If anyone can help us with typesetting (I'll be glad to teach you if need be), we can get more Azumi out as well. Also, if anyone can help with web design, we'd love to be able to fix up the site here!

Here's the next Susa part!

Blazing Transfer Student chapter 63

Somehow I think the whole “I’ve come back from Hell” thing doesn’t quite work if you haven’t actually been close to going to Hell…

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shut Hell chapter 30

The moment you've all been waiting for.

It's time for the adventures of Shut Hell and Yurul to continue as we open volume 5 The amazing saga continues and I don't wanna spoil even a word of it.

Enjoy some Shut Hell, guys

To update you guys, just remember we're looking for cleaners and typesetters! Some people have said they're interested, so we just need to get in contact now!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vagabond Chapter 321

Here's the new chapter...Musashi seems to be finally ready to move on!
Big thanks to Meepslive handling this chapter with editing and to Guren as ever for translating it.

Here's Vagabond

Oh, a translator friend wanted me to post here he is now accepting commissions for anything anyone wants to see done and is willing to negotiate on that. If anyone has a series they want to commission translated, just let me know and I'll put you in touch with him.

Susanoo part 3

The plot thickens! Here's the third part of the first volume.

Remember, we're in desperate need of editors! If someone wants to help, please leave an email address to do so. Even if you lack experience, I don't mind helping someone learn.

Susanoo V1 part 3

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sabu chapter 56 and volume 9

Chapter 56

Volume 9 

Here's hoping we have more from our missing man in action soon.

Remember, were in urgent need of editors, cleaning and typesetting both! We'll try to get more Shut Hell, Keiji and others out to you as soon as End Of Time gets back to us-hopefully soon- and soon as more Keiji is translate for Kazu! Azumi as well!

Susanoo part 2

Well, here's the next chapter. Enjoy the discussions on super heroes!

And remember, major need of editors here!

Here it is

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blazing Transfer Student Chapter 62

A little more fanservice and Takizawa’s last stand… and who is this mysterious silhouetted figure?