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Demonic Resurrection Chapter 3

And for our first post-holiday release, here's Demonic resurrection chapter 3, as Musashi succumbs to darkness...

Here you go!

And here's a fixed up Robot K v2

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas- Robot Keiji Chapters 22 and 23- and complete V2- END

And as we embrace festivities, it's time for a nice Christmas present for all of you....after waiting so long, Ishinomori's sci-fi classic comes to a conclusion here. It's been an amazing ride, and it comes to a rather abrupt conclusion in true Ishinomori style, but I hope you've all enjoyed the journey to

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

And the complete Volume 2! The end of the series!

Goodbye, K! We'll miss you and your mystery-solving adventures as you grappled with the nature of your existence. Our second big Ishinomori finished this year, with Sabu and Ichi to follow it to completion soon...hope you've all been enjoying the ride!

And I do need to reiterate this call: we do need editors now, maybe translators. We'll be glad to train anyone who needs it, so please consider asking to help!

Happy Holiday, all!

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Susanoo volume 4, part 6

And we learn the reason for Sayuri's suffering, with Nosferatu's nefarious plots...

Here we go!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blazing Transfer Student vol. 10 ch. 90 and Blazing Ninjaman vol. 01 ch. 01

Now I think they are in awe of the phoenix and not Takizawa

Now it's certainly been awhile since I have made a post, but that can attest to me having so many real life obligations these days, but that doesn't stop me from bring you all some classic manga. 

First up, something I haven't updated in awhile Blazing Transfer Student. This is a pretty great chapter, doesn't take alot to win back a crowd eh? Also glad to have Takizawa back to his usual chipper self as opposed to how he was in the last vol, Emozawa can just go away.

Enter The Goddamn NINJA!!

This has been in the works for a long time, Blazing NINJAMAN!! Which if anyone you followed our Blazing Nobunaga (probably not alot of you), it was actually the sequel to this manga which we had no idea existed before hand. This manga is really obscure, it didn't even have a mangaupdates page till a few hours ago. Nonetheless it's a pretty hilarious manga that OOZES Shimamoto's style, Its about 4 vols long but packed with action and much hilarity, I can only hope to keep this released along with Blazing Transfer Student, mainly due to the fact it has tons of huge redraws ranging from spreads that a missing so much that it takes me about 2 hours to even remotely make them even look presentable. 

Well thats enough out of me, so go and enjoy this manga!

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Arion Volume 4

The Penultimate volume of Arion is here! In this volume, we see the tragic story of Arion's conception, and the shared love of Prometheus and Pandora, with the cruelty of the Gods coming between them. Told in Yasuhiko's emotional and affecting style, it really, really drives in the need for Arion's quest, and what's at stake.

Sorry about the quietness for the past few days. Busy season. Anyways, enjoy, everyone!

Here's V4!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cat's Eye 66 and volume 9 batch

Looks like Wright skipped over another Cat's Eye chapter so you guys get extra again. And both chapters happen to be over 100 pages. Have fun!

Chapter 66
Volume 9

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Susanoo V4 part 5, Kekko Kamen Chapter 23, Demonic Resurrection Chapter 2, Azumi Chapter 78, 87 Clockers

Ok, due to my recent computer troubles as well, I wanted to give you guys a nice little bonanza here.

Let's kick it off with new Susanoo! It's a full supernatural brawl and...someone makes a reappearance!

Azumi chapter 78, AKA shit gets real with Kinkaku and Ginkaku's gang

Kekko Kamen 23, we learn her secret identity at last?

And Clockers 87 chapter 27! Time for more fun there!

And finally...Demonic Resurrection chapter 2! Makai Tensho continues as we see the plot of our villains...and the greatest warriors are being revived from the dead to serve them. It's time for Yagyu Jubei to take the scene. Our hero is about to take on the greatest of spearmen. Stay tuned!

Enjoy, guys! And we're recruiting still!

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Susanoo volume 4 part 4

Here it is, enjoy all!

And we're still recrutiing with free lessons offered! And only 80 dollars left for donations needed!

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Chinggis Khan Volume 4 (joint with Hox)

Aaaand here it is! Hox sums it up best, so let me quote him:

With the 4th volume, Temuchin becomes Chinggis Khan at last! Two things I want to note about this volume. One is the meaning of the title, "chinggis." Although this manga says it means, "supreme and strong," the matter is more complicated than that as scholars continue to debate it. To quote a section from Ratchnevsky's Genghis Khan: His Life and Legacy:

The word  has been variously interpreted as 'firm', 'strong', 'righteous', 'loyal', 'hard' or 'cruel', depending upon the meaning attributed to the word ching by different Mongol tribes. In general such attributions seek to stress the quality of a 'firm and strong khan' rather than exhibiting any desire to vie with the title of Gurkhan ('Universal Ruler') which had been bestowed on Jamuka. 
An alternative and probably sounder derivation, advanced quite independently by von Ramstedt and Pelliot, is from the Turkic tängiz, 'sea or ocean.' This interpretation is supported by the Mongolian equivalent dalai-yin khan on the seal of the Great Khan and the Turkic formal preamble tailai-nung han in Guyuk Kha'ans letter to Pope Innocent IV. In dalai lama, the Mongolian rendering of the Tibetan lamaistic title, rGyamts'o blama, meaning 'Ruler of the Seas' or 'Ruler of the World', dalai is used as a concept for 'universal' or 'all-embracing'; this is clearly exhibited by the juxtaposition of dalai and yeke ('great') in the Juyongguan Inscription. The title 'Oceanic Ruler' is very old. In Uighur legend Tengiz (Dengiz-khan) is the name of the youngest son of the Uighur Oguz-khan - and, despite Pelliot's phonetic objections, it may even be identified in the name of one of the sons of Attila the Hun. 
Although in Rashid ad-Din's day the Mongols had forgotten the original tradition and the title was simply equated with the Mongolian word ching ('firm' or 'strong'), Rashid uses the wider interpretation of the title when he compares it with the Persian shah-an-shah. Nasir ad-Din also gives Hulegu the title padsha-i jahan ('Universal Ruler'), a non-Islamic title which, as Minorsky comments, must be a rendering of dalai-khan. The Genghiside imperial family retained this tradition into the seventeeth century, when a son of Dayan-khan bore the title erdeni dalai khan.
 There are, of course, more fringe theories on its meaning, such as that it's derived from the Chinese tianzi (Son of Heaven), or a rendering of the Chinese imperial first-person pronoun zhèn (朕). There are also tales in later Mongolian chronicles that it's an onomatopoeic representation of a bird cry, but these are more folklore than actual history.
  The second thing I want to mention is that while the Naimans were a Turkic group, distinct from the Mongols in central Mongolia and Tungusic peoples in Eastern Mongolia and Manchuria, they were still primarily pastoral nomads and it's highly unlikely that their style of combat differed all that much from all of the horse-riding warriors across the Eurasian steppe. Or to put it simply, they did NOT use war chariots. I don't know where Yokoyama got that idea, or maybe he wanted to add them because they looked cool, but to think that the very people whose entire society changed once horses were domesticated to a point as to accommodate human riders, would build an extremely expensive yet less effective tool of war that had been abandoned by even the sedentary civilizations for almost a thousand years prior to the 13th century is just absurd.

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Demonic Resurrection/Makai Tensho Chapter 1, Azumi Chapter 77, and 87 Clockers 26

Here's Azumi 77! 
In this chapter, Kinkaku and Ginkaku have taken the village...and we get a very unfortunate glimpse what happens when such vicious bandits take a town over. Kinkaku and Ginkaku (Or 'Gold Horn and Silver Horn') are based off a pair of demons in Journey to the West, one of the Four Great Novels of Chinese literature. I'd say the two in Azumi are just a ''bit'' more vile.

And Clockers 26!
Had a feeling it was time for this one...the overclocking continues

And...our new series, Demonic Resurrection, or Makai Tensho in Japanese. The original novel was written by the great Futaro Yamada, also known for Basilisk and The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls. Now we see it adapted by Ken Ishikawa himself!

The story takes place after the failed Shimabara Rebellion, led by Shiro Amakusa as a Christian uprising against the Shogunate. It ended...brutally, and Amakusa himself was executed.  However, dark forces are at work, and Amakusa returns from the grave...

And Demonic Resurrection won't stop there. Read on in Chapter 1! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

We only have 90 dollars in our donation drive left! You guys are awesome, and please help us in this final stretch!

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Amon Saga Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of the saga, and we witness one monster hag killing people for hair...tsk tsk.

Only 100 dollars left to go for our donation drive!

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Susanoo v4 part 3, Azumi chapter 76, 87 Clockers 25 and Cat's Eye 64

Here's a new Susanoo!

And a new Azumi!

A new Clockers

And of course, Cat's Eye!

Just FYI, Robot K only has 3 chapters left. Waiting for the finale to be translated!

As for donations, we are now at only 120 remaining! Any bit helps!

Thanks and enjoy!

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Azumi 75, Clockers 24 and Way of Ryu 28B (END), plus donation drive

First? It's time for a new Azumi. Azumi and Kanbee settle things for good and all, as Munenori enacts a new plan to deal with our heroine desperately seeking her purpose now.  A beautiful chapter, just as we expect from Koyama Yuu at this point, with all the poignant emotion Azumi is known for. Farewell to another excellent character.

Next? We open a new volume of Clockers. Volume 5, as Kanade decides it's time to break a record!

And finally...Ryu has the final battle with Medor and encounters what can only be God. Ryu makes a decision over whether humans will inherit the world despite their flaws, or be cast aside, having had their chance. Well, at the end...Ryu has his answer to what the driving force is, where Maria is and he will become....

Well. Guess you'll have to read it, won't you?

And here is the complete volume 8. 

And with that? The Way Of Ryu...comes to its conclusion.  I hope you all enjoyed the journey. Thank you all for reading.And thanks to the late, great Shotaro Ishinomori for crafting this masterpiece.

In the meantime, we have 150 left to go on the donation drive. Any little bit helps! Please consider chipping in if you can!

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Kama Sutra V3 chapter 2, Shut Hell chapter 42 and Volume 6, and Cat's eye 63, with donation drive

Time to bring out another lot! It's time for another Kama Sutra! With the chapter 'Showdown,' Ryu and Prince finally face off! Well, Prince does indeed know how to play the villain...and let's face it, his goal's not THAT bad.

Time for a new Cat's Eye as well! Volume 9 begins and it's a very Cat's Eye Christmas here, with Ai wondering a few things about family...and learns that her father left her something after all. Here it is!

And finally, we complete Shut Hell volume 6. In this final chapter, it's an all out battle, ending with a brutal duel. Here's Chapter 42 and Volume 6

And remember, we have a definite need for editors now, so please apply, even if you have no experience! And on the donation drive, only 160 dollars to go. You guys are awesome! Any little bit helps!

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Azumi 74 and Anjuu No Chi 5, plus recruitment and donation drive!

And a new Azumi that closes out Volume 9 for all of you!
Another great chapter from Koyama Yuu here. The Duel at Renjoshi where Azumi grants the requests of her foes...

Also, with great thanks to the editor, we bring a chapter to close out volume 1 of the very dark Anjuu no Chi, a very sexually explicit story about...well, if I had to pick one word to describe it, it would be 'emptiness.' Still, we are helping to finish this one, so one volume left. Here's the chapter:

Anjuu No Chi, end of V1

It'd be quite remiss of me not to mention the translator making this possible!
Thank them for the great work on this, and hopefully we'll see more before long!

Now, we're still in need of about 200 dollars, so anything helps there! Even a few dollars at a time goes a long way. Secondly, we're still recruiting, particularly with editors! Please give some thought to helping out!

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Kekko Kamen chapter 22 and Susanoo v4 part 2

Here's some Nagai to kick off your weekends!

And we're still raising money, with 200 dollars left to go. any little bit helps!

Here's Kekko Kamen

and Susanoo

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kama Sutra V3 chapter 1, Cat's Eye 62 and CE 8

and now, time for more ecchi fun! The third volume of Kama Sutra begins!

And it's time to end a volume of Cat's Eye, so get ready! Here's chapter 62
and the full volume 8

Still trying to raise 200 dollar, so any help is appreciated!

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Space Adventure Cobra, Volume 4 chapter 6: The Lightning Planet, and donation drive

I think this says all we need to know, no?
Dinosaurs and Psychoguns? Make for a winning combination. Enjoy this new delightful chapter of Cobra!

We have only 200 left to raise now as well! Any help is very appreciated!

Tiger Mask chapter 10, 87 Clockers 23 and Volume 4 complete

WHOO! A new Tiger Mask! and we have Tiger Mask complete the tag team match and face off with the terrifying Gorilla Man!

And now, it's a new Clockers, and...volume 4 is done!  Wow, who would've thought? We're loving this one, so enjoy it!

We've now raised 100 dollars, so we owe a massive debt to the kind souls thus far. Just 200 left, so any help is really appreciated!

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Amon Saga Chapter 1, Azumi chapter 73 and Susanoo volume 4 part 1 and donation drive

Let's kick this Sunday off!

First off, it's time to begin a new Ishikawa project, that Sofa King has been editing, while Chaos has been on the translation. The Amon Saga! Where the warrior Amon arrives from the moon to cleanse the city of Heian of its demonic taint.

In Susanoo, a new volume begins and the boxing match continues!

And finally, in Azumi, we see Azumi prepared to meet the challenge. It's the Fencers and the Assassin

And pelase consider donating as we have 250 left to raise!

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Kitaro of the Graveyard Volume 6 and Volume 7- Happy Halloween!

Well, it's time for the end!

Volume 6
Volume 7

We held on to this for a while to deliver some spooky fun for you all for All Hallow's Eve, and what better way with the conclusion of Mizuki's masterpiece? Two full volumes, with a lot of great stories, including the terrific vampire arc! It's been a wild ride to say the least, what with all the chilld this story has delivered. And Kitaro's...questionable approach to ethics. Of course, Mizuki's always been quite the inventive and creative man, so it's no wonder Kitaro's endured so long. but, either way, we hope you've enjoyed the story of the boy in the graveyard and his fights against all that goes bump in the night.

It was a real pleasure working on this. It was funny, eerie and a real blast. We're always proud to bring you all the classics!

Oh, and Ryujin Numa's completely updated. We'll get Page 154 of Ryu V7 up and running for you guys!

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween!

PS: If anyone can donate just a bit as far as Trick or treating goes, we'd truly appreciate it!

Net edit:
I've updated The Way of Ryu volume 7 with the translated page 154, you can also download the page by itself here. Happy Halloween everyone!

Way Of Ryu chapter 28 A and Kekko Kamen chapter 21

Now? It's time. For the penultimate chapter of The Way Of Ryu  Yes. This series is that close to completion. How will it end? Stay tuned and find out!

Just 250 left to go on our drive now. Please consider donating as every little bit helps! Thanks to all!

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Cat's Eye 61 and Shut Hell 41

First up, we have the delightfully titled: Leave The Poor Girls Alone! And whacky hijinks ensue, mainly around our friend Rat Boy...

And a new Shut Hell at last! Entitled...Night Raid
This chapter? Is what happens when the Mongols go to war. It's a chapter focused almost solely on bloody battle. Enjoy!

And now we've raised about 45 dollars. Just 250 to go! Your help is much appreciated. Please consider making a donation or offering to join the team! We really need the help and every little bit counts!

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Chinggis Khan Volume 3, donation and recruitment!

And it's time for a new Chinggis Khan! This volume follows the rise of Temuchin's great friend and mortal enemy, Jamuka as he claims leadership of the Gurkhan tribes and begins his own ambition and campaigns. He's a worthy adversary to the great Khan and it's sad he gets forgotten in most tellings. But either way...this is another amazing volume of the historical epic as Temuchin and Jamuka both get stronger, making their eventual clash inevitable.

here's V3

And we're still in need of donations. Any little bit helps!

Also, we're still recruiting both cleaners and typesetters here!

Azumi chapter 72, Robot Keiji Chapter 21 and Way of Ryu 27e, Donation Drive and recruitment

Azumi Chapter 72! As Fencers

In this exciting new chapter, Azumi is prepared to take her opponents on...who beg her for a chance to settle their fight as swordsmen.

In the next Ryu, the truth of the New Men is revealed...and the question remains: who will rule the future? We're hurtling towards the conclusion of this whole series!

And finally, it's time for a new Robot Keiji! So close to the end...and the Jackal approaches

Now, I must again beseech for any help with editing! We have some great projects in and coming up, so please consider signing on as an editor if you want to help with great manga!

And we still have 290 dollars to go for our drive. Please help us out there! Any small amount helps and will help our projects continue.

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Cat's Eye chapter 60 and donation drive

Hello, all! It's time for another Cat's Eye Chapter..."Don't Go- It's love!"

A pretty lighthearted and sweet chapter about Hitomi and Toshio...granted, Toshio's kind of a moron.

Anyways, we're still 10 dollars into the drive, so 290 to go! ny help is appreciated! And please notice our Media and a new Mega account are up and running!

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Shin Mazinger Zero Chapter 10

And now, a treat for you guys! Shin Mazinger Zero chapter 10, as Dr. Hell enters the scene!

Hope you guys enjoy. We'll be bringing this in the chapters now.  At this time, I'll renew my request for help with cleaning and typesetting, with offers to teach anyone.

We're still on Donation Drive mode for Nethandle. We've raised 10 dollars with 290 to go! Any help is appreciated

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Kekko Kamen Chapter 20

Alrighty, time for a new Kekko Kamen! We're on Volume 3 now, so home stretch! Thanks be to Music for taking the time for this!

Here it is!

We've received 10 dollars for Net's laptop so far. Only 290 to go! Any help is truly appreciated!

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Azumi chapter 71

Here's a new Azumi!

As an update, we've got nearly all of our solo projects up and are working on joints now. If anyone is available, we could badly use help with editing Shut Hell to get more in for you guys.

On that note, it appears Net's laptop is on its last legs. If anyone can chip in even a bit to help him with a new one, we can assure more Clockers, Cat's Eye, Shut Hell and more coming out far quicker. We'd need about just 300 for that.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for the patience!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Azumi Chapter 70

Just showing you guys: Can't keep a good group down!

Net and I are working on the recovery, but we could use some help: Does anyone have the complete volumes of Way Of Ryu volumes 5, 6 and 7?

And just to show we remain unbowed, unbent, unbroken: here is a new Azumi!

And what the hell, here's a new Tree In The sunlight! The Shogun's Longest Day

Monday, October 13, 2014

Robot K chapter 20 reupload and Mediafire

Well, this sucks. Apparently we got hit by Mediafire now. Unfortunately, it seems those files are lost, but everything should be on Batoto or other reader sites in the meantime

Anyone have recommendations of other good filehosts?

here's Robot Keiji reuploaded for you all

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Robot Keiji chapter 20

Here's a new chapter! K will reconnect with his lost humanity, save a kitten and meet a young girl who restores his faith in his own humanity.

and her name's Kaori Yuki. Guess it was before Angel Sanctuary.

Here's Robot K!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Emeraldas Volume 4 and Robot Keiji 19

The end, and the return. In the final volume of Queen Emeraldus, we are treated to a rather...melancholy story. Far from focusing on action and drama, we truly get inside Emeraldus's head in her solitary journey as she remembers the ones she loves and the ones she's lost.

Leiji Matsumoto often works in these themes: the endless search through the stars, those who follow their ideals to their end, the loss of youth, and it's very apparent here. Emeraldus is inscrutable as ever and strong while simultaneously vulnerable and with a great sadness to her that nobody can truly pierce. But life, as it always must, goes on. And so must the voyages of Emeraldus.

We hope you've enjoyed reading! Enjoy this final volume

And now...Krazy has finally managed a comeback for one chapter of Robot K, and I dearly hope more are coming, too! Believe me, guys, I want it as much as you do! We're glad we can bring it back. K is searching for the meaning of his existence and comes to a conclusion at last, evoking the humanism Ishinomori is so known for.

Here's chapter 19

And if you love manga like this, please volunteer to help edit it! We truly need it and we can teach you!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shin Mazinger Zero Volume 2

AWW HELL YES, our man Dynamic comes through! It's time for more Shin Mazinger Zero! A full volume!  In this volume, we learn a bit more about everything Koji's been through and the absolute hell awaiting the world! And what's more...this marks the end of those old translations and scans! We've officially covered everything previously done, with an extra new, never before in English chapter!

Oh, and with Tabata and Yuugo's art...look, just have a look at the background text and you'll see why this took so fucking long.
Also, let me reiterate our bad need for editors. We do NOT mind teaching people who need it, so please consider helping us if you want to see more classic manga!

Here's volume 2!

Kama Sutra Volume 2 chapter 6 and Volume 2 complete

And here we go! Nagai's Kama Sutra adventure reaches its official halfway point! The stakes have certainly gotten higher now, as Prince's madness becomes more apparent...and the Professor remains a completely dirty old man.

Anyways, enjoy the fun!


 And volume

Monday, September 29, 2014

Azumi chapter 68

Let's start volume 9 with a bang, shall we? And with a title like 'Ieyasu's final moments' you know this volume won't pull any punches...

Remember, we're on the lookout for editors! Please consider lending a hand!

Here's the chapter!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Susanoo volume 3 part 7, and Way of Ryu chapter 27 C and Volume 7 complete

After a bit of a wait, here're more Susanoo!
The fight with Goda's about to begin, but something happens...?

and in's time to meet the Councillors and hear Ryu's answer at last!

....what will it be? And who would believe it? We've finished volume 7! Only one more to go!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy Chapter 166!

Let's get a new Happy in!

It's time to play more tennis! Stargood provides another amazing chapter, and we're all loving the latest Urasawa goodness! Dammit, we WILL finish this one! It's in the name!

But please help us do that by signing on to help clean and typeset! Your help is needed!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Azumi chapter 67 and volume 8 complete

Alright, all! More Shut Hell is right around the corner! More Happy, too! And a new Nagai project that Sofa King's been helping with!

But in the mean time...enjoy some Azumi!
And a complete volume!

And remember, we need new editors now! Please give an assist with free training! Enjoy Azumi!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tiger Mask Chapter 9

Dear me, this was a long time coming too, eh?

Well, it's time for the next deadly foe from the Tiger's Cave...we're introduced to the sinister Gorilla Man!....and I don't quite think someone did their research on Gorillas...

Here's a new Tiger Mask!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cat's Eye 57 and volume 7, Azumi 66 and Susanoo v3 part 6

Here's our weekend lot for you guys!

First up, it's the end of Volume 7 of Cat's Eye
How these girls manage i...I can't begin to say. Here's the complete Volume 7 while I'm at it!

On Susanoo v6...well, all that peace? Did you really think it'd last? And let's hand it to Goda for a great entrance

Azumi as well...the plot to kill Ieyasu continues!

Unfortunately, we are bidding farewell to a good friend. Kaze is forced to leave our group, and we have lost an excellent editor. I must renew my pleas for aid now...anyone interested in helping out is welcome to apply.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Space Adventure Cobra volume 4 chapter 5

Cobra can never resist a woman in need! This time, Cobra goes after the sinister Lord Jagoba, who has a particularly interesting and deadly power. It's time to learn the secret of the Psychogun!
Here it is!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Babel II chapter 9

Yomi’s search for answers continues, but at the very least we are rewarded with Yomi jumping out of a helicopter with a jetpack in the most awesome way possible.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cat's Eye 56 and Way Of Ryu Chapter 27 part B

Two releases for you guys today! In a hurry, so can't say too much more, but...

Way Of Ryu

Cat's Eye

More stuff coming out soon! Though please, please, please, consider lending us a hand in editing! Once again, no problems teaching who needs it!

Monday, September 8, 2014

87 Clockers Chapter 18

Time for a new volume of 87 Clockers to begin!

Man, dig that cover. Who doesn't love her? In this mission, it's time to destroy the underwater enemy base! I gotta say, I love how Ninomiya can make the mundane seem awesome.And then jerk us right into the realm of reality before snapping back to quirkiness again. It's a true gift.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

Arion Volume 3

This volume of Arion...battles are fought, gods will die and nothing will be the same. An unforgivable crime has the Furies set on Arion's trail as he seeks the head of Zeus.

I must say, I love Yasuhiko working in free will to this story as a major theme when the utter lack of free will was a huge point of Greek mythology: fate was impossible to escape, no matter what you did. He is also an amazing hand at writing battles and keeping us focused where we should be, regardless of it being in the middle of a war or a simple conversation.

Enjoy this next volume!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kama Sutra v2 chapter 5 and Cat's Eye chapter 55

In this chapter of Kama Sutra...well, prepare to discover how fucking crazy Prince is. Here's the new one!

And a new Cat's Eye as well!

Now, please remember we're looking for editors and cleaners! Please remember we'll be glad to help you learn anything you need to in order to help!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chinggis Khan Volume 2

It's another amazing volume of Yokoyama's Chinggis/Genghis Khan with our man Hox, who has outdone himself anew! We witness Temuchin's rise now...he faces his first wide scale battle and the politics of the steppe turn deadly. This is the beginning of a legend...

Here's Volume 2. And remember, we're on the lookout for cleaners and typesetters now!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Azumi chapter 64 with Guren No Heya Kara

It's our pleasure to present a new chapter!

Please enjoy, everyone! Now alone, Azumi must decide on her next course of action...and as usual, she runs right into the middle of something.....tense.

Enjoy! And rmemeber, we're looking for editors now!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Azumi chapter 6 with Guren, Cat's Eye 53 and Kama Sutra chapter 4 of V2

After the result of Munenori's duel with Gessai, Gessai has to hope Azumi finds him in time. This time on Azumi, the chapter's title tells you all you need to know:

In Kama Sutra , we meet Princess Surya at last. So she's the one everybody's talking about...

And now it's time for more whacky Cat's Eye hijinks with cop millionaires, ladykillers and heartbreakers in another Broken Heart!

Thanks for reading and please rmemeber, we're looking for editing and other help now!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Tree In the SUnlight Chapter 26 and Azumi Chapter 61

Things are looking bad for our beloved grampa...can Azumi make it in time to hear what she must

Here's Azumi chapter 61

And here's a new Tree In the Sunlight!

And renewing that request for help with editing, guys! Just shoot us an email or provide any contact info, so we can help with Photoshop!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Kamasutra V2 part 2 and Susanoo v3 part 2

And we bring you guys some new stuff to start the weekend right!

Here's a new Susanoo

And a new Kama Sutra!

Enjoy all! And remember, we really need new editors to help, no experience needed!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Azumi Chapter 60 and Clockers chapter 17 with volume 3

Whoo! It's a new Azumi as we kick off volume 8!

OH, geez, those red flags...I've always said Gessai is the best character about now, and these chapters are cinching it. Koyama Yuu is a master at complexity in both characters and situations...Azumi's getting roped into a very dangerous scheme now..

And it's a new Clockers as we finish off volume 3!
Enjoy that complete volume!
I really never get tired of Ninomiya's art, I must say. And her characters. She has a way of making even the most mundane of situations seeming...compelling in a good way.

And remember, in need of new editors! All you need is Photoshop (Which we can help with) and a willingness to help!

Babel 2 vol. 02 ch. 08

Time for some Babel 2 and Babel begins his counterattack, not to be confused with Char's counterattack because its pretty hard to top that man's legendary counterattack. So yeah if Yomi wants to win he'll need to call up the red comet himself but who has that mans number?

Still here's  chapter 8 and hopefully the next chapter isn't to far off.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Way of Ryu chapter 25 Part B, Kama Sutra v2 chapter 1 and Susanoo v3 part 1

Some Ishinomori and Nagai for y'all today!

In The way of Ryu, the blast from the past continues. Nothing helps against a homicidal samurai as much as being transported to an era with guns and bombers

In Kama Sutra, the adventure continues as we seek the holly fucking grail. Literally. I wish I could claim credit for that joke, but that's a1oner's!

And finally, it's the start of a new volume of Susanoo! Susa is learning more of the dark powers within...and now people begin to fear him

Thanks to Fabio Sakomoto, volume 2 of the Tree In the sunlight has been unloaded to that folder.

Now, final things...for starters, still have the open call to have help with editing. There are a few series I really do need the aid with and anyone who could join up for that would result in my gratitude and teaching.

Also, our translation for Tree in the sunlight has made me aware of a group that is taking votes for some series they work on, including some abandoned and excellent seinen

Acony is up for a vote there, which is likely abandoned, and future series will be Munou no Hito, Glaucos, Halcyon Lunch...stuff that deserves it! Any fans of quality series, I encourage you to check this out and maybe cast a vote.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kekko Kamen 18

And here's another as we near the end of volume 2...

And right now, we definitely need someone to help with editing! Remember I am very willing to teach whoever is willing to learn! It's easy stuff!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Azumi chapter 57, 58 and 59, Ryu chapter 25A, Kekko Kamen chapter 17 and Hidamari chapter 25

Another storm of releases!

Here's a new Ryu

And the complete Volume 6, with the missing pages added! Thanks to Revil for scanning from his version...sorry about the roughness of it, but best we could do.

Beginning with chapter 57....
   Here's a new Set of Azumis! It's time for Azumi to rescue Gessai, or face the possibility of life on the run without him... You can find the glossaries for these two here 

If anyone can help us create a volume 7 link, much appreciated as well. Fabio has kindly helped us with that Ryu volume, and this Tree In the Sunlight volume
And here's a new Tree as well! Thanks to SofaKing!

And finally...thanks to Music and a1oner? Here's a new Kekko Kamen at last!
Long overdue, but here you go!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dog Soldier Volume 1, with Hokuto No Gun and Illuminati-Manga

Have we got a freaking treat for you...From Tetsuya Saruwatari, our three groups have teamed up to present you with Dog Soldier, the tale of John Kyosuke Hiba! A former Green Beret down on his luck, John can never quite avoid being dragged back into the dark and violent world of covert operations where is pitted against terrorists, paramilitary groups, treacherous former friends and more. It's pure Saruwatari, which means pure testosterone fueled badass awesomeness. In this case, it definitely has a flavor of 80s action films to it, and anyone who sees John Rambo from Hiba's image? Can't blame you.

So, tune in, and see John Hiba, the dog soldier fight terrorists, rescue hostages and curse out Ronald Reagan!

As a note: For Ryu, the translator is going to try to scan in the pages missing from the raw. We'll include those with a full volume release. A HUGE thanks to Mr. Fabio Sakomoto for helping us with that, and we humbly request the same aid with Azumi and Tree in the Sunlight

But for now...enjoy some Green Beret Action!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bestia chapter 24 *END*, Azumi chapter 56, Tree in the sunlight 24, Way of Ryu start of v7, Cat's eye chapters 1-2 of Volume 7

Alright, here's a nice little ton:

It's a new Tree In the Sunlight entitled 'Betrothal'....thank Sofa King for this one

Cat's Eye Volume 7 begins, with two chapters for you guys! Our favorite sisters are back and of course, Toshio's not far behind...

Way Of Ryu's Penultimate volume begins and Ryu has his work cut out for him...riding with his companions to battle, what do they see...?

In Azumi we have our heroine rushing to rescue Obata Gessai, but the crafty Yagyu Munenori has a way to flush out the final members of Gessai's Azumi going to fall for his scheme?

And another Ikegami series reaches its end in Chapter 24 of Bestia...unfortunately, not much an end. This'd do go Nagai proud. It seems Ikegami may've wanted to continue the story, but was never able to. Still, fun ride while it lasted, eh? Thanks to Other Side for his amazing TL of it. He put in a ton of work for it, I can tell you all. Here's the full and final volume

Which leads me to there someone who might be able to help with creating volume links for Ryu and Azumi? Would do me a big favor here.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Chinggis Khan volume 1

And here we go

Mitsuteru Yokoyama brings us, once again, a historical masterwork, this time based around the life and times of the great Khan. Known more to the English-speaking world as 'Genghis,' Unfortunately, few in the English speaking world are very familiar with the Khan or his life, which is really an incredible tale in of itself.

Born to a chieftain and his wife who had been kidnapped from her first husband, Temuchin was hardly someone you'd expect to rise to the levels he did and eventually forge the beginnings of the largest land-empire in world history (albeit a very short lived one).

After his father's death, Temuchin and his family lived in extreme poverty, abandoned and left for dead. This is where the unbelievable fortitude of his mother Hoelun comes in, with her utter refusal to lay down and die while her family depended on her.

In many ways, it's a shame we know so little of the Mongols and the true character of the Khan. It took Temuchin years to unite the steppes before the rode out to conquer the rest of the world. What little glimpses we do have reveal some startlingly progressive things to contrast the brutality of the massacres on the resistances (though it must also be noted that many sources come from people the Mongols conquered, which may cast aspersions on them. Or maybe not. Food for thought.)

Under the Khan, we know torture was banned, universal religious freedom was allowed and Temuchin famously valued his daughters as leaders in addition to his sons. The empire had a meritocracy where the former lower class craftsmen were honored, the introduction of universal currency, roads, promotion of universal literacy, the idea of 'rule by consensus' rather than divine right...all this contrasts with the shocking brutality the Mongols were capable of with entire regions depopulated and women and boys taken as slaves.

At its heart, though, this is a human story: one of how Temuchin rises from nothing to become one of the greatest war leaders the world had ever seen. For more reading, I second Hox's recommendation of Ratchnevsky's "Genghis Khan: His Life and Legacy" and Onon's translation of "The Secret History of the Mongols.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bestia chapter 23, Clockers chapter 16 and Arion Volume 2!

And it's time for another release set!

First, we start off with a new 87 Clockers as we near the end of V3!

Then we deliver a new we prepare to end the whole series. Now we've learned Tsukinosuke's past, mission and true nature...'s the second volume in the quest of ARION! Been looking forward to this for some time, all! Arion encounters new enemies, fights great battles...and even a giant monster or two. Another amazing work by Yasuhiko for your reading pleasure!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Quintuple release extravaganza, everyone: Way of Ryu chapter 24B, Azumi chapter 55, 87 Clockers 15, Shut Hell 38 and Bestia 22

Let us begin, shall we? To make up for the inaction over the past week, we recognize the hard work of everyone who has put in their time and effort to these projects, from translators AAA, Music Otaku, Other Side of Sky and Guren.

And the editors Kazuhiko, Neitan, SofaKingAC, Nethandle and a1oner, of course.

So, remember we're still recruiting. New hands on these titles would help them move along! As for other things, Robot Keiji...unfortunately, I haven't seen the translator about, so be patient there. In the meantime, any new editors or translators would be a huge help.

Now...First the new Way of Ryu...and we are officially 3/4s done with this series

In Azumi, attack of the naked old people continues

A new 87 Clockers

And lastly, the new Bestia

And Shut Hell