Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blade of the Immortal, Chapter 202, and Desert Punk chapters 35-36 and Volume 6, and Sabu and Ichi cha[ter 33

The ghosts prepare for one final battle to see who can lay the other to rest first. Itto-Ryu and Mugai-Ryu are both gone, with only their leaders remaining. With Habaki and all comes down to one single stroke...

And after...Manji has a job to do. One final battle remains.

Blade of the Immortal Chapter 202: The Sword Of Regret

Now...speaking directly, we do have an urgent need for a typesetter now in regards to Spiderman. The series is cleaned and translated, so any help with typesetting would be vastly appreciated.

We may have another Urasawa project coming, so if anyone wants to help on that, we've also appreciate the typesetting and editing aid.

And of course, we need translators, so please consider dropping by.

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And here's Desert Punk



volume 6 complete

All praise to Goral of MiB for his incredible work on this. These are the proofed and corrected versions, so please make certain these are uploaded to Batoto and other reader sites...we've been told they have been, but never hurts to double check.


And heres Sabu and Ichi 33

Friday, March 29, 2013

Kuuki no Souko 4 and Blazing transfer Student 39

Here is BTS 39

Takizawa proves he's not just an idiot after all!

And Kuuki no Souko story 4

Where a criminal is up on the 'cliffs of death' with his hostages...and things don't go as expected

Now a bit of a personal request...Mediafire has lowered the free gig space from 50 to 10. We can get more, but we need your help.

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Kitaro of the Graveyard, chapter 7

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cinderella Knight Volume 1 (version 2)

It was brought to my attention the current volume was missing some pages. Thankfully, the scanner was very prompt in responding so we could get it done.

For anyone who enjoys our releases, please make sure to upload the proper version to any reader or download sites like Batoto and others

Cinderella Knight V1 (second and proper version)

Kuuki no Souko 3: Voice of the Night, Street of Mysteries chapter 2 and Vagabond 308

Triple release! (counting Kitaro below, that's 4 of them today!)

First, Street of Mysteries, chapter 2 where a boy suffering a loss encounters an eerie happenstance only children can see...

Second is Kuuki no Souko's 3rd story the Voice Of The Night where a wealthy man disguises himself as a tramp and meets a woman who loves him in that guise, but not his true, wealthy self.

And finally...Vagabond 308, where all the hard work Musashi and Iori have done comes under attack from a plague of 'locusts'...and Musashi's secret identity may be revealed.

Kitaro of the Graveyard chapter 6

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cinderella Knight Volume 2 and Blade of the Immortal 201

And this brings Nagai's lovely little Shojo to an...well, 'end'....dammit, Nagai, learn how to end a manga, will you? this volume, Michi faces the loss of her powers as she struggles to rescue her beloved Prince Emilio from the clutches of the Spider Corps and their evil leaders.  Enjoy the end to this fairy tale, everyone. Really, this is unusually sweet for Nagai and genuinely emotional and well written.

Cinderella Knight Volume 2

And chapter 201...the warriors have to deal with the losses of the last chapter, and Makie has one final dance left. This time, Anotu vows not to take his eyes off of her...

Ugen Hanabusa has changed things enormously...but that comes with a massive price. With business settled, it's time for Habaki and Anotsu to compete...until only one is left standing.

Blade Of the Immortal, 201st Chapter: The Blue Which Embraces Indigo

EDIT: Fixed a slight error with BOTI. Updated link there

Vinland Saga 92

You can find it at the Hox Box

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Babel chapter 4

Another Tower of Babel!

Enjoy chapter 4

Kitaro of the Graveyard, chapters 4 and 5

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

In this thrilling two part story, Kitaro deals with the mysterious and deadly cat sage, and his mastery of the sage arts.

Oh, and here's Date Masamune 44, sorry we forgot this one yesterday

Date 44

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kitaro of the Graveyard, chapter 3

....our hero, ladies and gentlemen....

Scroll down for more Blade of the Immortal and Cinderella Knight!

Cinderella Knight Volume 1 and Blade of the Immortal chapter 200

Well, first I want to present the first volume of a new series we're doing quickly: Cinderella Knight (Cinderella Kishi) by Go Nagai. Otherside and I wanted to try this one out's an old Shojo written by Nagai himself! Wonder what craziness he'd get up to? The plot concerns a young woman who makes a pact with her 'fairy godmother' Yaaba to become the mighty Cinderella Knight, a beautiful warrior, to protect her beloved Prince Emilio of the country Ballade from an evil conspiracy led by a mysterious group known as "Murder" and their elite assassin corps, The Spiders

This is an unusual manga for Nagai, to say the least. The writing is genuinely sweet at times and the story has a refreshing fairy tale feel you don't often see from him.

Here's Cinderella Knight Volume 1 and thanks to Other Side for translating and Lunar for editing. it is, the seminal 200th Chapter of Blade of the Immortal.

Samura brings the beginning of the end of one of the longest running and most impactful stories and relationships in the manga. It can only be summed up thusly...

There was a girl who was strong and a boy who loved her strength. When he looked at her, there was simply awe in his eyes. He wanted nothing more than to surpass her. Then he wanted nothing more than to have her at his side. But the girl knew he loved her strength more than he loved her, and for a long time, she had nothing save for despair.

Now she has something to live for. All the years of pain and sadness are cast aside in an instant. Makie wanted death. Kagehisa wanted the greatest strength. Neither received what they wanted, but their lives led them to what they needed: eachother.

Blade of the Immortal, chapter 200: Glorious Death In A Winter Thunderstorm

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tiger Mask chapter 7

Geez, we're on a roll lately.

Except more shortly. A surprise Nagai coming soon.

Scroll down for new Tezuka and Shigeru Mizuki, Kamen Rider Black and Vagabond!

Please consider joining the team as well!

New Tezuka and Mizuki: Kuuki no Souki and 3, Street of Mysteries

Few little side projects we've been working know about our love for short stories after all. Both graciously translated by Hahhah42

The first is Kuuki no Soko by Osamu Tezuka himself. It's a book of short stories by him, and the first story was published in Clockwork Apple by the sadly now defunct TwoPioneers. Here is a link to the first story from Two Pioneers:

The first story we're doing is called "Joe's Visitor", concerning a racist soldier, saved from death by the transplant of a dead black soldier's organs into his body. The only ones who know are the dead man's family, and so the soldier goes to silence them forever....

Tezuka never shied away from weighty subjects. Racism is no exception.

Here is Joe's Visitor

Second is our beloved friend Shigeru Mizuki, the man behind Gegege No Kitaro. Mizuki sure loves his creepy ghost stories, and supernatural tales. In the first story in 3, Street of Mystery? A man takes a most unusual taxi ride one night...into another reality.

Street of Mystery, chapter 1

Kamen Rider Black V3
Another volume of this Ishinomori classic out for your viewing pleasure!

Kotaro goes through more in this one, so pleasure enjoy the pretty great happenings in this volume's halfway point.

Please consider donating, or joining on for translation or editing as well!

Vagabond Chapter 307

We meet a new figure who knows Iori well today. Musashi continues his stint at playing the farmer, can't fool everybody!

Please remember we're looking for editors and translators! We could use the help and we're more than willing to teach anyone who needs it.

Kitaro the Graveyard chapter 2

Kitaro goes all out to save a child from an evil Yaksa who's stolen his soul..

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tomorow's Joe Volume 12 part 1

Blazing Transfer Student vol. 04 ch. 38

Alight time for the next chapter of BTS, the race is on who will win? but I am more worryed if takizawa can even read the map. also seems some of the students of Fittest High School have some plans of their own.
Well enough out of me heres chapter 38.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blade of the Immortal, chapter 199/212

A battle has ended between the dancer and the hunter. For the first time, the dancer has something to live for and a hope for what comes next. The hunter has gained something to live for, but for the first time? He will see if he has something to beg for.

Habaki Kagimura's duel with Anotsu Kagehisa continues, and the honor of both is put to the test. Anotsu holds on to the dying ember of his ambitions, while Kagimura has nothing but his honor and pride.

And then...bang.

Blade of The Immortal, 212th chapter: Glorious death of a winter thunderstorm

Enjoy. And please consider signing on for editing. Kazu and I could use and would truly appreciate the help with bringing you all amazing manga.

Kitaro's Night Taes, chapter 15

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Robot Keiji chapter 3

Now we have a new chapter as Keiji continues the mystery. Love to see more Shotaro here. Ryu chapter 14 has a script, but we could really appreciate a typesetter to help out, as well as for Vagabond, Blade of the Immortal and other Nagai stuff.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blade of the Immortal, chapter 198/211

It's time to begin this. The first chapter of BOTI volume 30...the finale is coming soon, people.

Here, it's come down to Giichi vs. Makie. Makie looks like she's swaying on her feet after such a difficult battle and Giichi's hunter blood is roused again. Makie has always been someone consumed by guilt at her own talent, seeking to flee from it- or to die. Now, she's facing an enemy who might be able to bring her down when she's far from her best...

Let's get this going. Thanks to Other Side of Sky for the amazing work he does, Blade of the Immortal volume 30 ahoy, cleaned by yours truly and Crazy Ankan, typeset by Wright and checked by Kazuhiko...enjoy the count down to the finale.

And this is dedicated to manga pioneering translator, Toren Smith. Wouldn't even know of this manga if not for you, sir. Ever read the English translated versions of Ghost in the Shell, Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind, Appleseed, Lone Wolf and Cub? You have him to thank. Mr. Smith translated BOTI for US audiences and ssadly passed away not long ago. Honor him by buying his work and the BOTI volumes as they come out.

I'll write more on BOTI and what it means to me soon. For now, enjoy chapter 198/211 (depending on if you use American or Japanese numbering, it's 198 in Japanese)

Here we GO

Monday, March 11, 2013

Violence Jack, Volume 3 part 1: Mondo's Fierce Battle

And here is Mondo's Fierce Battle, introducing new characters and answering (and raising) more questions on Jack himself. Enjoy the start of an all new volume in the wasteland that is Japan. Look forward to more and the rest of volume 3 as the adventure and battles continue!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kitaro of the Graveyard, Chapter 1

the first of the Kitaro stories! Kitaro of the Graveyard, (while it's volume 4 from the series, it's really distinct from Kitaro's Night Tales). This is actually a completely different series from the other Kitaro we've been doing, so you won't miss anything

Here we see Kitaro and his quest to protect humanity. Enjoy!

UFO Robo Grendizer volume 1

Chapter 5

Volume 1 complete

And another volume bites the dust

Friday, March 8, 2013

Vagabond 306

It's time for another lovely chapter of Vagabond for all of you. This week, Musashi endeavors to discover what lies within himself and finds the answer of 'nothingness.' Reflecting upon the past, he comes to the conclusion of what matters.

I appreciate Inoue's rather subdued form this final arc. Musashi is undergoing an enormous spiritual introspection and needs to conquer these questions before he conquers Sasaki Kojiro at the end.

If you enjoy reading this, please consider joining us as an editor or translator. It'd help things come out faster and we would appreciate it enormously.

Vagabond 306

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Alabaster volume 1 with Hox

Hey, who remembrs this?! Well, after an absence, we bring you, with Hox, the full first volume of Alabaster! The evil Alabaster out to destroy all the beauty of the world and the reappearance of Rock Holmes, everyone's favorite pure evil FBI Agent! Fantastic writing, and unusually dark for the father of manga, don't miss Alabaster!

And please, looking or translators, quality checkers and especially editors! Help would be really appreciated, especially for things like Vagabond now. We'd love to have you!

Alabaster Volume 1

Monday, March 4, 2013

Release 400: New Treasure Island, and special gift

This is it. One of the manga that started it all. The famous adventure story that practically kicked off the manga market. Our love for Tezuka is well documented and what makes him more incredible is that when he got started, there was no manga market. He traded a guaranteed career as a doctor for something that could easily have crashed and burned. This is a classic, and a piece of real manga history. Our group is dedicated to classics, so this seemed simply fitting...our 400th anniversary release bringing you the manga that helped start....well...Manga!

Included is the Tezuka Diary and I do not envy the translator. We should give our friend Hahhah42 a HUGE thanks for his amazing work on this manga and the Tezuka Diary at the back of it. the private thoughts and notes of Osamu Tezuka himself to teach you more than you ever wanted to know about the man's inspirations, and his own thoughts on his work and his craft.

We've hit 400 releases and we plan to keep going. I need to thank everyone who's helped us get this far. DynamicPro for being an amazing partner...Nethandle, my old partner in crime, wherever he is now. Everyone at Hokuto No Gun, but especially Katatonia and SystematicChaoss for being the best group partners we could ask for....Illuminati Manga for all their great work on Master Keaton and everything else they do....Ikkyu, AAA, CrazyAnkan and Goral over at GWR for their awesome work, CG for his great translations, OtherSideOfSky for being one of the best translator in the business. Holy hell, did we seriously finish Devilman Lady in less than 8 months together?  (And Blade of the Immortal 30 is coming! Other Side just needs to finish translating it and then it will be in your hands..

To Ani_ for signing on the team and his great work on Cobra, Takeru, Shin Violence Jack and Giant Robo. To Hox, for being one of the finest translators I've ever known and a great partner whose love for classic and obscure manga exceeds my own (and Alabaster is coming soon, guys!), Midnight Crew for their help with Ishinomori (We have the script for Kamen Rider Black 3, just wait for Kazu to do his thing when he can), to FKMTKrazy for doing reviving Robot Keiji for us and for some Death our own Stargood for being the man when it comes to Urasawa. You singlehandedly keep Happy! going, I hope you Gurotaku for having been insane enough to scan as many tens of thousands of pages of Nagai in the first place...and to my current partner in crime and scanlation, Kazuhiko. You are one of the best friends a guy could ask for, the best of partners and an amazing editor. We'd never have made it this far without you, man. To many more

And a shout out to you, our readers, for following us along and enjoying the classics and all the other stuff we do. Here's to 400 more

It's this time I'll mention we could use some help again...we have a lot of great series but we need translators and editors, especially typesetters. We'll be glad to teach you if you don't know, so please drop us a line, we could really use the aid.

Enjoy New Treasure Island, where it all began!!
(and yes, I know this is the Spanish cover, but it's the best quality one!)

New Treasure Island By Osamu Tezuka

And also one about a blind guy. Something or other. Here's Sabu 31!

And's a special one. this is done with Guren at Guren no heya kara.
Who deserves an enormous thanks for making this one possible (and Battle Angel: Last Order month after month!)

Vagabond chapter 305

You read that right. This one is worth buying (seriously, buy it), but since chapters stopped coming out, Crazyankan and Guren helped us get this to you. The raws aren't the best from the magazine, but this should sate Vagabond vans' appetites on what's been happening with Musashi, as he struggles to conquer nature and himself. If you haven't read Vagabond? Go buy the omnibus editions because it is one of the best manga ever made.

Enjoy, guys. Expect more of this soon and please consider joining the team!

The Way of Ryu chapter 12

Also entitled...Ryu meets God. While trying to save Maria, we are introduced to a fascinating new character...who is he? What does he want? What is his origin? Stay tuned.

Also, stay tuned for a very special 400th release special later tonight while we're at it. Look forward to it, guys. And scroll down for more Blazing Transfer Student! And remember, we're looking for some good men: editors, cleaners, typesetters and translators! Want to do classic and amazing manga with a great crew? Then give us a ring!

Blazing Transfer Student vol. 04 ch. 37

Ominuous isn't it?

Well gentlemen the time has come BTS has finally reached new ground and what a chapter it is because this is where things starting to get action packed more so then usually cause heading into an arc that will change the series forever. In this chapter Takizawa has to face the reality that his bonehead way of thinking has consequences like his girlfriend saying its over. so really I can is go get it! 37

Also always looking for more staff such as Redrawers, Translators, and Timers