Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tenku no Inu, final chapter and volume 4 complete (END)

The final chapter: A darkness in Edo. Taking place centuries ago, a mysterious attacker plans a worldwide revolution after cutting down the greatest swordsman of the age. It's up to Chikara, then known as Chika, and her new lover Aoi Katsuragi to investigate and defeat their first true opponent. A nice coda to the story, and Chikara and Aoi are seriously adorable.

Some bad news...Kazu's computer may be having issues, so hopefully he gets in touch with me soon to let me know what's what. This may well delay things like Azumi. If someone can sign on to help in the meantime as an editor, that'd help a ton.

But here we go. The end of Tenku no Inu!

Final chapter

And Volume 4


  1. Yes! Another Nagai's manga completed. Thanks a lot for finishing this scanlation.

  2. Awesome. Thanks.

    I hope this trend of doing Go Nagai manga continues. I wonder, will we see stuff like Harenchi Gakuen and Abashiri Family in the future? Those are some of his biggest works. I'm particularly interested in Harenchi Gakuen, because frankly, nothing of it has come in English, except the Heisei Harenchi Gakuen ova.

    1. i second that, i also know you can find Harenchi Gakuen raws on the site random raws, it would be great to see you do Devilman G also.