Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tenku No Inu chapter 11

What a ride it has been. Tenku no Inu's main story draws to its end here with only a prequel left. Old man Okunu is left to face Kaimu alongside Dewa as Heaven, Inc conclude their battle with Satan and learn of the ones behind everything.

Of course...wait, that's an ending. Oh, Nagai, you so crazy. there's a promise the story will continue in 2015, though, so let's wish really hard.

Enjoy, guys. As for whoever's asking...
1. Clockers and Shut Hell are the province of Manga At The End of Time and I'm waiting for them to send me the finished chapters
2. Sukeban Deka, Way of Ryu, Cat's Eye and Bestia we await for a1oner to complete

Others...waiting for Hokto no Gun there. Lots of waiting, it seems. But it will all pay off. In the meantime, anyone who can help us with cleaning and typesetting would be HUGELY appreciated!


  1. Thank you for the new chapter.

  2. so any idea's on what your next Nagai manga would be? it would be great to see someone translate Devilman G.

  3. I second that. Devilman G is a fine addition to the Devilman saga and it would be good to read it.