Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year, 800th Release Extravaganza!

Time for a nice amount of releases!

Now...our newest Nagai series thanks to our man Music Otaku! It's SUSANOO, AKA, Susa The King. This is a little preview of it, and an intro before the insanity begins. Here's Susanoo part 1!

Next up...well, who doesn't love more Bestia? It's the complete volume 2! And a new appearance concerning Tsukinosuke's mysterious sister that he hunts...Enjoy Bestia Chapter 11 
And the Complete volume 2!

And a new Way of Ryu, now with extra giant statute-destroying-everything action! Enjoy the new chapter
Apologies for some pages, btw...the quality of the doubles is a bit reduced for just ten pages coming up. But enjoy!

And finally...the final battle. Saki and Remi, one on one! IT's the end to the Mizuchi Sisters arc as Saki embraces what she is! Here's the next part of Sukeban Deka!

I've said before, but we still need editors! Please be patient for Shut Hell and others in the hands of Manga At the End of Time, and other things for when Kazu returns. But for now, everyone, happy New Year!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Way of Ryu Chapter 20 part F and special Christmas release: Dirty Christ Superstar

Well, first things first, we have a new Ryu for you! Here's the next bit of volume 5 as our saga continues!

And for Christmas...Dirty Christ Superstar! Other Side of sky and I decided to bring this one to you. It's the tale of a a bewitching stage actor known as Hades and his dominating stage presence...and his turn from the path of wickedness when he encounters a budding talent with more reason to hate him than anyone. It's a complete story, even if the series seems to be continuing, we'll likely be content to leave it here. And sorry for the bad mag raws, but... please find it to forgive us for any imperfections here. After all, it's what Jesus would do!

anyways, enjoy!


Now, Kazu's still out so things like Keiji and Azumi are stalled. I'm waiting on Hokuto no Gun to send me some scripts for other projects like Shuendoji and Grendizer, and Manga t The End Of time is working on Shut Hell and Clockers, so be patient for these.

Hopefully someone finds it in themselves to help us with editing because that's needed now! In the mean time...Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sabu and Ichi 54, Blazing Nobunaga 8 and Blazing Transfer Student complete volume 6

Alrighty, got these for you guys today. I'm sorry for all the delays here. Azumi is stalled without Kazu, as are a number of other thins. In the meantime, if anyone can help with editing, it'd do us a huge favor. When I hear from Kazu hopefully soon I'll post updates. In the meantime...

The New Sabu is here

New Nobunaga

And new Blazing Transfer Student

Chapter 60

Volume 6

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cat's Eye Chapter 14

Phew, long time coming, eh? And this ends volume 2! Give A1oner a big thanks for his hard work, and remember we're looking for editors to help out!
We are also finally on new, never before seen Cat's Eye content at last! Let's all wish for Kazu's quick return! Here's Chapter 14 now

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Queen Emeraldus Volume 3

It's time for a new volume! Little to say for right now, but please enjoy the next chapter in Emeraldus's saga as her voyage through the stars continues. Her battle with Death Skull, the Destroyer of Space begins here!

Remember, Kazu may be temporarily out of commission, so anyone who can assist with heading would be invaluable. Thanks!

Queen Emeraldus Volume 3

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Tenku no Inu, final chapter and volume 4 complete (END)

The final chapter: A darkness in Edo. Taking place centuries ago, a mysterious attacker plans a worldwide revolution after cutting down the greatest swordsman of the age. It's up to Chikara, then known as Chika, and her new lover Aoi Katsuragi to investigate and defeat their first true opponent. A nice coda to the story, and Chikara and Aoi are seriously adorable.

Some bad news...Kazu's computer may be having issues, so hopefully he gets in touch with me soon to let me know what's what. This may well delay things like Azumi. If someone can sign on to help in the meantime as an editor, that'd help a ton.

But here we go. The end of Tenku no Inu!

Final chapter

And Volume 4

Sunday, December 8, 2013

87 Clockers Chapter 4 (Joint with Manga At The End Of Time)

And here we go! The introduction of a new character! Our musical adventures continue.

Now, as I have said previously...I am now waiting on Manga At The End Of Time and a1oner to send me what we need so it can be released, so just wait on that for now. Shut Hell will come. If anyone wants to make things go more smoothly by signing on as an editor to help typeset, that'd make things come out.

Here's the new Clockers!

SHingen Takeda Chapter 10


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tenku No Inu chapter 11


What a ride it has been. Tenku no Inu's main story draws to its end here with only a prequel left. Old man Okunu is left to face Kaimu alongside Dewa as Heaven, Inc conclude their battle with Satan and learn of the ones behind everything.

Of course...wait, that's an ending. Oh, Nagai, you so crazy. there's a promise the story will continue in 2015, though, so let's wish really hard.

Enjoy, guys. As for whoever's asking...
1. Clockers and Shut Hell are the province of Manga At The End of Time and I'm waiting for them to send me the finished chapters
2. Sukeban Deka, Way of Ryu, Cat's Eye and Bestia we await for a1oner to complete

Others...waiting for Hokto no Gun there. Lots of waiting, it seems. But it will all pay off. In the meantime, anyone who can help us with cleaning and typesetting would be HUGELY appreciated!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Be-bop High School vol. 02 ch. 19

Well I'm back sooner then expected and with a brand new Be-bop. I can't really think of anything to say other then practice safe-sex and try not to be such a dirtbag and use some other guys name. Well anyways have a nice day everyone Kazu out.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blazing Nobunaga chapter 7 and Blazing Transfer Student vol. 06 ch. 59

I am going to be doubling up on the BTS and Nobunaga realeases form now on just because it saves more time. First up we got ourselfs a new BTS where Takizawa tells it how it is about them lazy Koalas; also he meets the man who will rule the world or really just one of them. Now up next everyone's favorite japanese warload is taking in western culture traditions, from building ships of iron to wrestling a barbed wired exploding curent death match. I will see ya in the next post Kazu out.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tenku no Inu Chapter 10 and volume 3 complete

Another volume is brought to a close, and it's all out war. Dewa and the Chairman are confronted by Kaimu and his men, and a battle is sure to happen as the rest of Heaven, Inc. clash with Satan's forces. We're near the end of this manga, so enjoy! And please consider helping with donations or with editing help, especially now!
Chapter 10

Volume 3 complete