Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tenku No Inu chapter 7, Way of Ryu chapter 20 d and Volume 4 complete

Volume 3 begins with one of my favorite chapters of the whole series...investigating a gruesome killing by the sea, Chikara begins to wonder if a mermaid isn't responsible...and brings to mind unfinished business she has from centuries back.

A particularly dark take on the legend of the mermaid...and their beauty. We get to see some real emotional writing and a particularly tragic story of how even good people can become monsters. Tenku No Inu Chapter 7

And's Ryu volume 4 ahoy! This arc is nearing its end and we are officially...halfway done with this series!

Here's the final chapter of volume 4
And the full Volume 4

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  1. Excellent as always. Thanks for the new Tenku No Inu chapter.

  2. Thank you for Ryu.

  3. Thanks for Nagai ;)

  4. Awesome work getting to the halfway point. Did you ever put out a collected release of volume 1?

  5. Thanks for Ryu, looking forward for more Robot Keiji as well!

  6. Oh, finally another volume of Ryu!

    Many thanks