Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Puppet Panic (oneshot)

By Hironobu Hamada, the Manga Newcomer Prize winner!

Just a sweet, well-drawn little one-shot that's a joint with Manga At The End Of Time concerning a girl preparing for a puppet-show, that...goes rather unexpectedly. Pretty funny and cute here, so I hope you guys like it. Thank Music for his amazing work with it....and Music's got some other stuff coming for you guys. Another Nagai and something about him being the 'Music' Otaku!

Also, we now really need editors more than anything. We just had one have to leave, so that leaves us short-handed. Please, please consider helping out because we want to keep these great projects moving.

Here's Puppet Panic

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  1. hi could you share Cutie Honey '21 chapter 1 and 2 'cause the links on MangaATEoT seem die. and i don't know how to comment on Tumbr.