Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mist Story chapters 1-3 (Joint with Manga At The End of Time

Okay, we missed Halloween, I know. I really wanted to get it out on the 31, but best laid plans and all. Anyways, Manga at The End Of Time did their usual fantastic job on editing, while Other Side Of Sky supplied the translation. GO check Manga at the End out and thank them, cause we're all looking for translators, editors, proofreaders and we still need web design help!

Mist Story is a one volume horror anthology by Go Nagai from 1992. The only other one besides Dokuro No Yakata, which we did about two years past. We have the first three stories here.

First is 'Mask' about a girl who believes herself to be stalked by a mysterious figure. Nagai also gets his environmentalist on!

Second story is 'Snow'...about a snowy revenge from beyond the grave.

And finally...Memories of the Breast! I won't even say what it's about. Go in and enjoy.


  1. Nagaaaaiii!

    Thanks so much :)

  2. Hi there,may i know the name of the pic at the credit at the end of page?I'm really where that came from thanks!

  3. Oh, wow! I never expected to see these horror stories from Nagai translated. Thanks a lot!

  4. such a great release! Nice horror stories!

  5. Why are you not scanlating more Shin Mazinger ZERO? I want more Shin Mazinger ZERO dammit.


    1. This is where you address any complaints regarding SMZ:

  6. Fantastic! I was trying to persuade my group to do this. Now I can just passively consume!