Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mist Story 4-7 and Shin Mazinger Zero volume 1

First things first...Again, I know this missed Halloween, but enjoy...

The first story is The Mirror Of Mist or Nagai's take on a slasher...a creepy tale set on a desert island about a slasher film that becomes too real.

Next is The Three Wishes where a victim of bullying opts to bargain with an otherworldly being for payback, but learns sometimes you get more than you bargained for with such creatures..

Metamorphosis is three short stories, each with the titular process as their 'theme.'  A boy who loves spiders seeks revenge after his mother kills his pets, a group of schoolkids who collect insects stay at a little mountain resort with a terrifying secret, and a woman wants to make her fish-loving boyfriend pay attention to her...

Finally, Water Hair satisfies the obsession for black and stringy haired ghosts! years ago, a certain lake was cursed by a dying princess against a certain clan...and a descendant of that clan is visiting the lake in modern day...

And here's the whole volume complete

And now...with Dynamic Pro...with translating by Other Side Of Sky...long in the wait...

Shin Mazinger Zero volume 1

You'll understand why this took so long when you see it. Expect V2 after Dynamic Pro gets in some raw scanning. But anyways, the final product? Worth it. It'ss time for the tale of the Demon God...the destruction and rebirth of the world...the battle against Dr. Hell begins, led by Kouji Kabuto in...


VOLUME 1. Rock me.


  1. OMG!!! It back! It really back!! Thank You for picking up SMZ!!!

  2. Thanks for all your work! I've enjoyed pretty much everything that you've picked up. Great choices.

  3. I knew be patient will be worth! THANKS!!!

  4. Thanks a lot to everyone involved! Nagaaaai!!!

  5. Thank you for the entire volume. As Deka Black said, "I knew be patient will be worth!"

  6. Indeed, it was worth the wait for Shin Mazinger. Thanks a lot! Also thanks for Mist Story.

  7. Cheers to you and Manga at the End of Time.