Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blazing Nobunaga chapter 5 and Be-bop High School vol. 02 ch. 17

Double release today or I should say too busy yesterday to post Nobunaga so doubling up with Be-Bop today. In this chapter, Ninjaman must take town Takeda Shingen himself, but lets see if he doesn't pass out from the worst cold in history or does the title of worst cold go to Shingen?

I would pay to see a version of Battle Royale of Be-bop

When will Hiroshi and Toru learn that girls are nothing but trouble essepcially in the 80s, also theres a midget fight in this chapter so thats fun. Be-Bop Highschool a progessive manga becuase its pretty much telling you how not to pick up.

Also looking for more editors as we are down a man atm. Also a translator for Batsu and Teri, cause its all I need left to start the project.

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