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87 Clockers chapter 3 and Mermaid Line final chapter (joints with Manga At The End Of Time), and Date Masamune chapter 63 and Volume 4 (END)

Of endings and beginnings...

Music Otaku was once again kind enough to finish

this little series. A little Josei series that had only one chapter left. Mermaid Line is a collection of stories that ran in Yuri Hime magazine. They are collected together as short mini-series, done in an episodic, almost soap-opera-y way. As thank for Shut Hell, Music was happy to finish off this little baby on their list.

Here're the chapters. All but the last had previously been done by the group Lilicious, so all props to them.

In "Megumi and Aoi " Megumi confesses to her friend Aoi that, despite her ungainly swimming, she feels as if she is a mermaid. Aoi finds herself fantasizing about being the prince to Megumi's mermaid, but Megumi runs to the arms of a boy, trying to put a beard on her feelings. 
Ayumi, in "Ayumi and Aika," wants to get married to her boyfriend so naturally, she's shocked when he tells her that he wants to become a woman.

"Yukari and Mayuko" are both OLs. Mayuko's between boyfriends and bored, so she asks Yukari to pretend to be her girlfriend. It works out well, until Yukari realizes that her feelings for Mayuko are more than just pretend.

And finally, in "Miura-san and Me" Okabe loves Miura's beautiful hair. When Miura-san cuts it all off, Okabe learns to love her for herself.

You can find the first chapters here:
 And the final chapter here:  Miura-San and Me

Now, on to Date's time for the end. The great Daimyo is at the end of his life, and what a life it was. How will he meet the final moments? Read on to find out. It's been a HELL of a ride, and such a long one, so we're proud to bring this biography to its close.

Chapter 63

And the finished volume 4

And now...87 clockers, brought to you by Manga at the end of Time and courtesy of, after all...MUSIC Otaku! Who knows Nodame Cantabile? It's by the same writer. Here's what it's about:
Kanade Ichinose is a violin major in his third year of college. When he first entered the university, everyone had high hopes for him, from his professors to fellow students. However, he distances himself from everyone and everything except music. He refuses to participate in competitions, as he see no point in it. When it comes time to think what he wants to do with his life, he just eases into his mother's music tutoring business. He realizes that he is a boring and pessimistic guy but has no idea how to change... or what to change into. Then, one day he sees a girl standing barefoot in the snow outside an apartment and thinks, "If it's for her, I can change."

This is the story of Kanade's entry into the world of Overclocking.

This series was left abandoned, and it's one Music badly wants to do, so here we are!
 Here is chapter 3

Let me also repeat my usual plea. We just need some editors to help out now! ANY help would be appreciated so we can speed up on Cat's Eye, Shingen Takeda and others. Just one person to help with editing, please! And if anyone can spare anything for donations, we'd genuinely appreciate it, too!

Thank you all for continuing to read our stuff, we do it all for you guys. Please enjoy!


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