Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Chapter 161

Not much to say except to welcome back Stargood after some rather serious issues in real life, health-wise. Thankfully, he has recovered, so I would appreciate if people would send their best wishes here for him being so selfless to continue this for us.

Welcome back to Happy with chapter 161

Bestia Chapter 8: Beast (part 2)

And this little duology comes to an end. Tsukinosuke has met a woman who won't die in his embrace. Shame she's a nun, hm? The Beast Men arrive, looking for their prey, so it seems Tsukinosuke has a fight ahead along with a relationship to close off.

Please enjoy Bestia chapter 8 and remember we're looking for editors now! Please apply!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tenku no Inu chapter 9

Now, it's time for the battle at Heaven, Inc. to continue...and Satan himself is unmasked! The battle is coming to its conclusion at last. Heaven, Inc learns how deep some betrayals go and Shinpei faces his ultimate choice...he and Kurama are all alone, but we'll see how they handle it.

Chapter 9 ahoy!

Please remember, looking for editors!

Blazing Nobunaga chapter 6 and Blazing Transfer Student vol. 06 ch. 58

Time for Shimamoto sunday releases, doesn't that just roll off the tounge. First up we got an all new chapter of Blazing Nobunaga where Nobunaga comes up with a brilliant plan and so does his enemy, but in Nobunaga's case people actually listen to his genius plans. Now for the ever late Blazing Transfer Student, in this chapter Takizawa's dad and the Principal of fittest highschool start and finish their long 3 day battle, aswell as we get to look at Takizawa's dads fighting logic and that winning by accident still means you totally won fair and square.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Bestia Chapter 7: Beasts

Time for more Bestia! Volume 2 begins with the intro of a group of deadly new opponents and more info on the mysterious Saishi. We also meet a mysterious nun with Tsukinosuke, and...well, see for yourself.

Chapter 7

And remember, we're in need of editors here!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Way Of Ryu volume 5 chapter 20 e

Not much to say except enjoy! Expect new Bestia very, very shortly. In the meantime, remember we're looking for new editors, and anyone who can help pass us a few bucks would be very appreciated!

Please enjoy Ryu.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Azumi chapter 16

The kids have a fiendishly clever plot to ensnare Kiyomasa, but will Tobizaru succeed in foiling them? Tune in to find out!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Robot Detective Keiji chapter 11

Who missed this one? It's time for more robot mysteries!

Robot Keiji 11

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

87 Clockers chapter 3 and Mermaid Line final chapter (joints with Manga At The End Of Time), and Date Masamune chapter 63 and Volume 4 (END)

Of endings and beginnings...

Music Otaku was once again kind enough to finish

this little series. A little Josei series that had only one chapter left. Mermaid Line is a collection of stories that ran in Yuri Hime magazine. They are collected together as short mini-series, done in an episodic, almost soap-opera-y way. As thank for Shut Hell, Music was happy to finish off this little baby on their list.

Here're the chapters. All but the last had previously been done by the group Lilicious, so all props to them.

In "Megumi and Aoi " Megumi confesses to her friend Aoi that, despite her ungainly swimming, she feels as if she is a mermaid. Aoi finds herself fantasizing about being the prince to Megumi's mermaid, but Megumi runs to the arms of a boy, trying to put a beard on her feelings. 
Ayumi, in "Ayumi and Aika," wants to get married to her boyfriend so naturally, she's shocked when he tells her that he wants to become a woman.

"Yukari and Mayuko" are both OLs. Mayuko's between boyfriends and bored, so she asks Yukari to pretend to be her girlfriend. It works out well, until Yukari realizes that her feelings for Mayuko are more than just pretend.

And finally, in "Miura-san and Me" Okabe loves Miura's beautiful hair. When Miura-san cuts it all off, Okabe learns to love her for herself.

You can find the first chapters here:
 And the final chapter here:  Miura-San and Me

Now, on to Date's time for the end. The great Daimyo is at the end of his life, and what a life it was. How will he meet the final moments? Read on to find out. It's been a HELL of a ride, and such a long one, so we're proud to bring this biography to its close.

Chapter 63

And the finished volume 4

And now...87 clockers, brought to you by Manga at the end of Time and courtesy of, after all...MUSIC Otaku! Who knows Nodame Cantabile? It's by the same writer. Here's what it's about:
Kanade Ichinose is a violin major in his third year of college. When he first entered the university, everyone had high hopes for him, from his professors to fellow students. However, he distances himself from everyone and everything except music. He refuses to participate in competitions, as he see no point in it. When it comes time to think what he wants to do with his life, he just eases into his mother's music tutoring business. He realizes that he is a boring and pessimistic guy but has no idea how to change... or what to change into. Then, one day he sees a girl standing barefoot in the snow outside an apartment and thinks, "If it's for her, I can change."

This is the story of Kanade's entry into the world of Overclocking.

This series was left abandoned, and it's one Music badly wants to do, so here we are!
 Here is chapter 3

Let me also repeat my usual plea. We just need some editors to help out now! ANY help would be appreciated so we can speed up on Cat's Eye, Shingen Takeda and others. Just one person to help with editing, please! And if anyone can spare anything for donations, we'd genuinely appreciate it, too!

Thank you all for continuing to read our stuff, we do it all for you guys. Please enjoy!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sukeban Deka Chapter 3, part 1

Here's another big chunk of Sukeban Deka! Saki is on the war path for revenge and her path will bring her straight into a collision with Ayumi and her greed for a fight to the end. We also learn how far blood runs when the Mizuchis' ambitions clash with their loyalty to the family. Saki finally gets to cut loose and you won't want to miss it!

In the meantime, we're seeking editor help urgently! Also, as the year's end is approaching, we thank those who have donated to help us out for the projects we have funded. If anyone else can spare a little for all we've bought raw-wise which Dynamic Pro is scanning now, we'd really appreciate it!

here's Sukeban Deka!

Sabu and Ichi chapter 51

Here we go! A new chapter...senility's a bitch, ain't it?

Chapter 51

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Samurai of the Mieji Restoration chapter 9 and complete volume

Here's the end!

First chapter 9

Complete series

Ueda faces off with the assassins who've been sent for Saigo Takamori's life, but realizes there's more at stake than he thinks. Saigo Takamori realizes what he must do, and the age of the samurai hurtles towards its conclusion...

Hope you enjoyed this series! emember, just one or two editors!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Azumi chapter 15

Time for some assassin work, as Azumi goes for her first major target.

Now, please remember we need some new editors! Just one or two to help typeset. Please!

Blazing Nobunaga chapter 5 and Be-bop High School vol. 02 ch. 17

Double release today or I should say too busy yesterday to post Nobunaga so doubling up with Be-Bop today. In this chapter, Ninjaman must take town Takeda Shingen himself, but lets see if he doesn't pass out from the worst cold in history or does the title of worst cold go to Shingen?

I would pay to see a version of Battle Royale of Be-bop

When will Hiroshi and Toru learn that girls are nothing but trouble essepcially in the 80s, also theres a midget fight in this chapter so thats fun. Be-Bop Highschool a progessive manga becuase its pretty much telling you how not to pick up.

Also looking for more editors as we are down a man atm. Also a translator for Batsu and Teri, cause its all I need left to start the project.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Puppet Panic (oneshot)

By Hironobu Hamada, the Manga Newcomer Prize winner!

Just a sweet, well-drawn little one-shot that's a joint with Manga At The End Of Time concerning a girl preparing for a puppet-show, that...goes rather unexpectedly. Pretty funny and cute here, so I hope you guys like it. Thank Music for his amazing work with it....and Music's got some other stuff coming for you guys. Another Nagai and something about him being the 'Music' Otaku!

Also, we now really need editors more than anything. We just had one have to leave, so that leaves us short-handed. Please, please consider helping out because we want to keep these great projects moving.

Here's Puppet Panic

Monday, November 11, 2013

Master Keaton Chapter 28

In this chapter, we get an answer to the question "were dogs meant to fly?"

Answer: No.!%5D%5BIlluminati-Manga%5D.cbz

Tenku No Inu chapter 8

The shadowy leader of the Vipers of Heaven its revealed: Cobra Commander!

...or rather, it's Satan! A mysterious masked man with his compatriots Silene, Kaimu and Akira amon (deja vu, anyone? Nagai sure loves Devilman callbacks). There's a sudden attack on Heaven, Inc's power base and Chikara and Aoi are thrust into a deadly situation while the Vipers make their play.

Enjoy chapter 8

And please remember we're interested in help from editors

Blazing Transfer Student vol. 06 ch. 57

Kazu's respect to anyone who figures out what this is a refrence to. 

We back for another round of BTS goodness, in this chapter the students of Fittest Academy begin the assault on Continental Academy and how do they do it you may ask? By attcking the school with a whole lot of sports moves of course. Also some old friends show up be sure to be on the look out.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mist Story 4-7 and Shin Mazinger Zero volume 1

First things first...Again, I know this missed Halloween, but enjoy...

The first story is The Mirror Of Mist or Nagai's take on a slasher...a creepy tale set on a desert island about a slasher film that becomes too real.

Next is The Three Wishes where a victim of bullying opts to bargain with an otherworldly being for payback, but learns sometimes you get more than you bargained for with such creatures..

Metamorphosis is three short stories, each with the titular process as their 'theme.'  A boy who loves spiders seeks revenge after his mother kills his pets, a group of schoolkids who collect insects stay at a little mountain resort with a terrifying secret, and a woman wants to make her fish-loving boyfriend pay attention to her...

Finally, Water Hair satisfies the obsession for black and stringy haired ghosts! years ago, a certain lake was cursed by a dying princess against a certain clan...and a descendant of that clan is visiting the lake in modern day...

And here's the whole volume complete

And now...with Dynamic Pro...with translating by Other Side Of Sky...long in the wait...

Shin Mazinger Zero volume 1

You'll understand why this took so long when you see it. Expect V2 after Dynamic Pro gets in some raw scanning. But anyways, the final product? Worth it. It'ss time for the tale of the Demon God...the destruction and rebirth of the world...the battle against Dr. Hell begins, led by Kouji Kabuto in...


VOLUME 1. Rock me.

Takeda Shingen 8 and Date Masamune

It's back! Rejoice!


It's almost done! rejoice!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mist Story chapters 1-3 (Joint with Manga At The End of Time

Okay, we missed Halloween, I know. I really wanted to get it out on the 31, but best laid plans and all. Anyways, Manga at The End Of Time did their usual fantastic job on editing, while Other Side Of Sky supplied the translation. GO check Manga at the End out and thank them, cause we're all looking for translators, editors, proofreaders and we still need web design help!

Mist Story is a one volume horror anthology by Go Nagai from 1992. The only other one besides Dokuro No Yakata, which we did about two years past. We have the first three stories here.

First is 'Mask' about a girl who believes herself to be stalked by a mysterious figure. Nagai also gets his environmentalist on!

Second story is 'Snow'...about a snowy revenge from beyond the grave.

And finally...Memories of the Breast! I won't even say what it's about. Go in and enjoy.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Samurai of the Meiji Restoration chapter 8, Sabu and Ichi chapter 50 and Azumi chapter 14

Wow, what a day for Japanese historical manga!

First off, in Meiji, it's time for some action as Saigo Takamori and his rebellious samurai struggle against the Japanese government. Seeing himself as lacking any place in the new world now, Ueda has to make a decision. This series is nearing its close, so be prepared for what comes next!

Another amazing chapter in Sabu and Ichi follows a new murder mystery...a prostitute is dead this time, and Ichi is set to unravel the truth. As always, he claims women are fearsome creatures. He doesn't know the half of it.

Sabu and Ichi Chapter 50

And finally...Azumi! Azumi is PISSED after the events of last chapter and nobody is safe. Will Azumi expose the existence of her squad to the world at large? And what will Gramps do to keep the secret safe?

Find Azumi chapter 14

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kekko Kamen Chapter 16

Tarzania is back with another plan to defeat Kekko Kamen...and what does the headmaster REALLY want? It's Kekko Kamen in one of her most insane battles yet!

Chapter 16

Be-bop High School vol. 02 ch. 16 and Blazing Nobunaga chapter 4

Sorry about the lateness on this post, I've been pretty busy with work and school. Regardless in this chapter of Be-bop Highschool, some fatty is out to rule the school but you can guess how that ends right?

Yeah hes a genius alright.

Now for Nobunaga, another fun chapter were we get introduce to a monkey... I mean Hideyoshi, whose totally not a monkey! 

Also always looking out for more editors, Timers, and people to help update the site.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tenku No Inu chapter 7, Way of Ryu chapter 20 d and Volume 4 complete

Volume 3 begins with one of my favorite chapters of the whole series...investigating a gruesome killing by the sea, Chikara begins to wonder if a mermaid isn't responsible...and brings to mind unfinished business she has from centuries back.

A particularly dark take on the legend of the mermaid...and their beauty. We get to see some real emotional writing and a particularly tragic story of how even good people can become monsters. Tenku No Inu Chapter 7

And's Ryu volume 4 ahoy! This arc is nearing its end and we are officially...halfway done with this series!

Here's the final chapter of volume 4
And the full Volume 4

And remember! We're looking for editors, translators and especially people to help with the site now!