Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sukeban Deka, volume 1 complete

Look what's done! Saki's battle with the Mizuchi sisters leads to it first casualty and the Mizuchis open with their long-term plans (and reveal their German ancestry with a few 'prosits'!) It's the end of volume 1, so look forward to volume 2 and beyond!

Chapter 2 part 3

Chapter 2 complete
Volume 1 complete


  1. Amazing! You guys are amazing!
    Keep up the good work!
    And I love em Mizuchi girls!
    So badass!

    1. There's a huge difference between being badass and being spoiled brats (Emi in particular)! I'm usually a (pro-)villain myself, but minus their wealth/resources/influence, they'd pretty much be nothing more than pretty snake-charmers/whisperers.

      Saki on the other hand, even w/o (using) her yo-yo, can and will absolutely whoop any given ass on any given day!

      Anyone dis/agrees (w/ me), feel free-- don't ever hesitate to say your piece. We'd love to hear your thoughts, esp if you'd like to read the 4 extra/bonus pages at the end of this bunko.

    2. The Mizuchi sisters are different in the anime. (Except for Emi. She's just a brat.)
      But Remi is actually a lot more evil in the anime.
      Ayumi in the anime is less evil and has nothing to do with Junko's death.

  2. I wish someone would translate the "making of" part at the end to.

    1. While I'd love to say 'your wish is my command', but it's really up to our man, OtherSideofSky, whether he can get enough motivation from you guys (the series' readers) to work on something that's hardly relevant to the story.

      Believe you me, I'd try to convince him as I'd like to read it myself, but since he already has plenty other (translating) engagements to attend to, I think it would be best to just leave it be for now.

      That said, I assure you that your comment (or anyone else's for that matter) will never go unheard as far as this series is concerned. Simply put, it would definitely help if more people were to speak up in support of this series!

    2. Thanks. I love this series.

  3. Will shuthell chapter come soon?

  4. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much! Cant wait for volume 2!