Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sabu and Ichi chapter 48, Tree in the sunlight Chapter 10 and Azumi chapter 10

Sorry for being tardy on this, guys. But to make up, here's a triple whammy!

A new Sabu and Ichi, and it's one of the best chapter in the whole series. Chapter 48

A new Tree in the Sunlight and Tezuka's as great as ever. Chapter 10

And a new Azumi with more brutality! Chapter 10

Enjoy, guys. And please remember we need help with acquiring a specific raw, and we're looking for editors!


  1. Thanks for Sabu and Ichi. Really interesting little story.

  2. Azumi is hardcore! Loving the plot twists so far..

  3. Great Sabu & Ichi episode!

  4. Thanks for Sabu to Ichi.

  5. Thanks for Sabu to Ichi. :D i was missing the old blind masseur ;D