Monday, October 14, 2013

Ryujin Numa chapter 6: The Maiden of Dragon God Pond (END)

A 'prototype' of the first chapter, you might say, but just as beautiful, haunting and wonderful as anything else in the book. Concerning tradition, superstition and the disappearance of magic and mystery...

Here's chapter 6

Here's the whole volume

And that's that. One of Shotaro Ishinomori's most influential, and obscure, works given the love it deserves in English. We hope you all enjoyed it. It's a privilege to have done it in english.

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  1. Many thanks!

    It's really a wonderful series. And this last story is probably the oldest Ishinomori's story I've ever read. A true historical artifact.

  2. Thanks for this one, it was interesting to know the other side of Ishimori's bodywork.

  3. Thanks, I loved the series. Do you have any plans to do others of sensei most obscure series like this?

    1. Intent, I do believe we have. Plans however... nothing yet that I heard-- and probably ain't gonna be any time soon.

      That said, I do have a couple of short 1 volume titles that do interest me, personally, which I would like to suggest to Wright sometime (as in not exactly in this instant).

      -Soshite… Dare mo Inakunatta

      Thing is, I don't really have much of an inkling as to what those 2 titles are all about.