Friday, October 11, 2013

Ryujin Numa chapter 5: The Conch Elf

Who doesn't know the saying of lifting a shell to your ear and hearing the ocean? In this story, a girl gets far more than she expected with a conch shell, and makes a wish...

Ryujin Numa chapter 5: The Conch Elf

Looking for timers, editors, and people who can help in acquiring a raw from Japan here. We're now planning out a nice Halloween release for everyone and  finalizing some Sukeban Deka.


  1. Thanks. Really interesting series, but the stories are not related to each other, right?

    1. Precisely! It's an anthology of, say, Ishinomori's more shoujo-esque (short/classical) stories.

      Hope you did enjoy reading each chapter regardless of continuity, or lack thereof. And btw, this (chapter) is personally my favorite of the bunch.

      Whichever is yours (you guys)?

    2. I liked the vampire one a lot. But the dragon's pond one has a really impressive narrative for its time.

    3. It's hard to choose. Every one is different and unique. The Sensei had an amazing way to use different styles always remaining himself.