Saturday, October 5, 2013

Robot Detective K chapter 10 and Kitaro chapter 17

Here's some more, guys, you know the drill.

Now, we're still looking out for editors to help out, and more than that someone who might be able to ship a book from Japan, as Krazy needs a volume sent. Nobody will need to pay anything, and it'll be a huge help.

here's more k!

And here's some more Kitaro as well for some spooky, October fun! Chapter 17


  1. Thanks for K :D Btw, i think shiba is having a "interesting" time in this episode.

  2. Kitaro and K. two of my favorites. Thanks, Happy Scans!

  3. Thank you for Robot Keiji. It’s absolutely great and the sort of thing that just doesn’t get talked about often enough.